Ninja Bear
9/19/2009 - 1/21/2021Ninja Bear:

You are the BEST thing that EVER happened to me.
To say you changed me for the better would be a gross understatement, and I am forever grateful for all of the joy, laughs and healing you brought to not just me, but so many, worldwide.
You are a powerful being, that was trapped in a tiny dog body, and now you are free. Our souls are forever intertwined, and I anxiously await the day we meet again.
Thank you so much for loving me, and allowing me to be yours❤️
Sari AsahiHouston, TexasJanuary 27, 2021
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I loved you and your kisses baby girl, you are truly missed. Find Buddy and friend him, he was such a sweetheart❤️Shelley Pool - February 1, 2021
Oh sweet Nin-- The parallel partner of my forever soulmate, I hope now that you've gotten a tour of the place, you're settling into your grove nicely. There is warmth there for you without pain. The only pain left is here, where nothing can fill the dimness left by your absence. Thank you for keeping our bon-bon safe. Thank you for being forever tethered to and wrangling a couple of misfits. You are loved and dearly missed.

And, one day, I will get you back for that joke.

I love you, Sari. I love you Ninja.
Rest Well <3
Laura Rochon - January 29, 2021
Ninja was such a cool little girl! I didn’t have much time at all spent with her, but she instantly won my heart when I found out she was a real dog. Sitting there drinking my Jack and all of a sudden I catch this little movement coming from a purse.... I had to do a double take and even ask “is that a real dog?” I think y’all had been sitting next to me for a good 15 minutes before I caught any sign of her. From that point on it was pets and ear scratches for sweet little Ninja! Never made a peep the whole time, she just sat there taking in the world around her and getting water fed to her like I was feeding an emperor their grapes 🤣. That was the first and sadly last time I got to meet that sweet pup, but even in such a small amount of time, I can see why everyone loves her. She may have crossed the rainbow bridge, but your memories and happy thoughts keep her alive forever.. “Bubbles” - January 28, 2021
Ninja, aka Lil Daddy on the streets was a biggest little dog I knew. She always had a smile on her face and love in her eyes. Your kisses will be missed.Eric Taylor - January 28, 2021
Dear little Ninja Bear,
💜 💜 💜
It’s amazing to me how such a cute little ball of fluff can have such a huge impact on so many lives. It was always so fun to watch people light up when they finally noticed you just quietly chillin in your bag and then found out you were real. Everyone always wanted to get a closer look at you and pet you, and once they did, they fell in love with you. For one so small, you were larger than life.
💜 💜 💜
I am blessed to have known you and I am honored that you allowed our family into your life (even though you always tried to bite me when I fed you, even succeeding a couple of times). Your love has blessed the lives of many and I am so grateful that you shared your love with my little princess. She loves and misses you so much. Thank you for giving her kisses and making her smile one last time before you left us.
💜 💜 💜
You gave this world your all, even up to the end, you were a warrior worthy of your name. Your physical presence may be gone, but your spirit and love will live on in all of us, and around all of us. You are now free of pain, you’re free to run and bark as much as you want, chase the wind, chase all the waves, chase all the birds, hump your boyfriends and not get tired 😁… you’re free.
💜 💜 💜
While losing you from our lives has been difficult, writing this is even harder. Writing this just brings the reality that you’re really gone crashing in. Your memory and love will always remain in everyone who your life touched.
💜 💜 💜
You found your perfect soulmate to spend your life with while you were here on this earth, you two were a perfect match. She’s heartbroken right now, but I know that you’re still with her and always will be. Please comfort her and help her through this time of healing, let her know you’re happy, let her know that she’ll make it through this. We both know she will because she’s as strong and as feisty as you, that’s what made you perfect for each other. I know that you’ll watch out and care for her from up there and I promise you we will do our best to fill your shoes and care for her down here.
💜 💜 💜
Until we meet again on the other side...
Rome Pitts - January 28, 2021
Where to start!? When l meet Ninja and so easy to get approved with kisses! We took Little bear where no dogs gets to go or do! She was a trouper, for ride to Florida! She got to ride on 3 story go-kart ride, dancing in a club at Universal studios, the endless casino that she gave smiles and luck to people! She’s been to restaurant like Sam’s boat, Chille, Olive Garden, Whisky cakes and many more. She was so well manners, that the wait staff thought she was a toy :). We took her to the Renaissance festival where she meet her first elephant, later she bark at the elephant, because she didn’t care about size, she was the biggest dog in the room and in charge! The funny thing she has a little brother that a cat, lay next to each other with out a peep from her...They would both eat each other food! But now I was privileged to give Ninja her last ride and good bye! I will miss the joy she had looking out the window and excited seeing her mom come to her!!
Love and Kisses from Phil and Sammy
Phillip Marone - January 28, 2021
I hope all dogs go to heaven because ninja was a joy on this earth your was amazing friend to my super awesome friend sari and every time I came around you was full of Joy and just a delight to be around. You touched everyone heart you came around rest easy my lil precious friend.Shaimon Lee - January 28, 2021
Sleep well little friend. Thank you for sharing your love over the years. You will be missed.
My sadness is tempered by the knowledge that all dogs go to heaven.
I hope to see you there.
Ed Cummings - January 28, 2021
Ninja Bear was a great friend she was apart of my family I love this dog ever since she was put down I haven't been able to stop crying. When Ninja Bear came to our house, we gave her a shirt that said "feed me and tell me I'm pretty". She really loved the snow at Galaxy lights. Ninja tried to steal food from Sari at Ichibon. And lastly Ninja is really cute and she will always be in my heart and one day I will be living with her and Layla when I cross that rainbow bridge.Haleigh Pitts - January 28, 2021
Ninja was the sweetest girl! So furry and cute! She definitely held her own against Layla and Remi. She was definitely a great companion for Sari. Ninja always brought out the best in everyone she met.Shay Pitts - January 28, 2021
That picture of your sweet girl with all the roses and the rhinestone collar is absolutely gorgeous. Ninja had such a full life filled with love and adventure. I am so glad that you found each other and got to share in each other's lives. Until you all meet again may the love you share keep each other spirit's close by.Christina Guillory - January 27, 2021

Thank you for looking out for my little sister for so many years. It gave me great comfort knowing you were watching over her. Always protecting her; loving her.

I will be seeing you soon my little friend.
Musashi Kato - January 27, 2021
I know how much you both loved each other. I know how sad and upset you are that Ninja crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.. I know that feeling of loss of your best friend. I’m so sorry you’re going through such a tough time. The only thing I can say about loss of a fur baby, family relative, etc... is that time is a big healer.. how much time? It’s different for all of us.. Ninja was precious, adorable and spunky.. I know Victoria is showing her the ropes and that they are pain free, eating lots of treats and running all over the place. She has a new best friend now. Elizabeth and Ninja were super cute together and I know Elizabeth misses her Best Friend.. I miss Ninja too.
Love you,
Karen & Elizabeth
Karen Laroux - January 27, 2021
My heart breaks for you! Ninja’s sweet spirit brought a smile to everyone. The warmth she shared with us was but a spec compared to the love she held for you. You were the best momma any fur baby could ask for, and you made each day and night whole and joyous for her. Peace be with your soul until the day you will be reunited. Sending you love and prayers.
Candace Wied - January 27, 2021

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