12/16/2004 - 9/16/2014This past Tuesday we lost our "first daughter" Jasmine to cancer. She went peacefully, lying in her favorite spot on the grass in our backyard, with the sun shining upon her - just like she loved to do every morning until her body didn't work anymore.
She was a daddy's girl and knew how to work him over when mommy said no. Jasmine was fiercely protective of her home and family and when mommy and daddy moved in together, she was sure to make her displeasure about sharing her daddy known by eating every left shoe mommy owned - to be sure the entire pair was useless. When she got to be such a big girl she couldn't fit in the bed with us anymore and got kicked out, she again made her displeasure known by sneaking up on mommy and barking in her ear after lights went out. She rioted against the dog beds we bought her by eating them nightly, until Daddy bought her her own twin bed. She eventually let me be her mommy.
She was a mixed bag of personality - she could be sweet as could be or ornery depending on who she was dealing with. She would look at you with disdain if she felt you weren't qualified to give her orders. She was quite spoiled at times and drove mommy crazy with her picky and refined appetite. She knew she was smarter than some people and took glee in terrorizing housekeepers by timing her arrival in the bedroom when they were making the beds - she'd jump in it once the bed was just about done. She would get a bad report from them and daddy would congratulate her on being a tough cookie.
Jasmine was a great older sister to our other Great Dane, Rama, and as sisters do, occasionally put him in his place - even though he weighed 100 lbs more than her, she was always his boss. Rama is still looking looking for you Jassie.
The happiest we ever saw Jasmine was when she was at the dog beach, running and jumping in the waves for hours on end, until she almost collapsed from exhaustion. She loved to meet other people and play with other dogs, but only if they could keep up with her.
Jassie, mommy and daddy hope you are running at the beach in the sky. You can run and run all day now. It's not the same without you greeting us at the door. We knew you were excited to meet Pasha - you nuzzled mommy's belly urging her to arrive early. You would've been the best bodyguard. We were hoping you could've lasted just long enough to see her.
Mommy and Daddy miss you so much. You were such a good girl and were smarter than most people we know! You were our big girl.
Las Vegas, NevadaSeptember 18, 2014
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