1/29/2008 - 2/9/2021Milo, buddy, how I will miss you – your sleeping on the bed with me, your snoring and violent dreaming, your silent steady gaze, your constant, quiet shadowing of me, and your filling me with happiness and love. I like thinking that you and Mom are hanging out happily together, waiting for me to reunite with you both one day. What a great life we had together!Alexandra VondelingBerkeley, CaliforniaFebruary 15, 2021
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Alex, such a beautiful companionship you and Milo had—you two were uniquely suited to each other :-). I hope the pain of the loss has eased and know that I’m thinking of you. XO-PattyPatty Solis - March 21, 2021
Milo — so handsome and gentle. Thank you for trusting me with your transition. I’m sending you love and wishing you a peaceful rest.Dianicia Kirton - March 4, 2021
I will miss you, gentle Milo. I always wondered what deep thoughts you were thinking behind those soulful eyes. I especially enjoyed it that time you took me to the dog park when I didn't know that's where we were going. You were very happy to communicate to me that it was the one and only place to go. When you stayed with me, you insisted on waiting until I was in the room to eat and kept my bed nice and warm. May you be enjoying long hikes, snoozes, and days of fun at the dog park. DorothyDorothy Hearst - February 26, 2021
Sending you light and love, dear Alex. We are so sorry to hear of Milo’s passing. Here is one photo from 2013, when Ruchi visited us. Do you remember this visit? Milo was under your desk when we visited your office. :-) We’ve both had our share of sadly losing our beloved animal partners. I know that the happiness and love we’ve received from them and also given to them outweigh the grief we feel when we lose them. Love you so much, Alex.Maria Quale - February 22, 2021
We'll miss you Milo! Way back when Milo first encountered the Bay Area, Alex went off to a ballgame and asked us to watch him. I'll always remember this because he escaped our backyard and took off for a leisurely run around North Berkeley. I started jogging myself, found him and followed him around town for several miles, worried that he wouldn't make it back to our house. His collar was always just out of range, as he expertly squirmed to miss my hand as I reached down while next him. To boot, I didn't have my phone, and Darragh hopped in the car to try and find us (with Samantha who was barely 2 at the time)! I even borrowed a stranger's phone for less than a minute to call her as I watched Milo gaining ground ahead. Lo and behold, he made about a four mile loop right back to our street. We eventually got a leash on him with Liz's help, all of 20 yards from our house. What a great memory of a sweet pal. Rest in peace Milo.Eric Lopatin - February 20, 2021
Milo, always a one woman guy. I so appreciated his quiet devotion to you, and you returned it in spades. What a full life you gave him. Farewell, beautiful boy.Cheryl Greenway - February 20, 2021
Farwell to a gentle, quiet, and loveable Milo. I will think of your travels with Alex and your visit up to Oregon. You were always a bit shy but always had a tilt of the head like you were questioning every move. My thoughts go out to you Alex. I know you will miss your buddy. Milo had a wonderful life full of adventures and love!Monica Jones - February 19, 2021
Dear Milo sweet Milo, What a rich and vibrant life you lived. So many adventures on land and water. I especially love and remember your distinctive walk - trotting along happily, with ears bouncing and hips swaying. The Milo Sashay :) Coco and I miss you. Coco misses hanging out with you and trying (in vain) to sneak a bite of your meal. You were the wise, calm, old soul to Coco's bounding, youthful exuberance. You live on in our hearts. XOXOElizabeth Hubbell - February 18, 2021
Ah, Milo, what a wonderful life you had! A human who loved you, understood you, and showed you more of the world than most doggos ever see. Godspeed.Kim Traber - February 17, 2021
Farewell, Milo! Alex, you gave Milo an incredible life, full of treats and scratches and adventures. He was a challenging pup, but you gave him all the love and training and help he needed to adjust to his new--and much better!--life with you. He clearly adored you, and I know you loved him deeply. So sorry for your loss. xx SisJohanna Vondeling - February 17, 2021
Oh sweet Milo - you and Alex were always meant to be together. I think you knew how much she loved you by her constant, calm presence and full acceptance and love of every bit of you. I wish Cricket and I had spent more time with you. I will always remember your sexy sashay and how much you loved being with your mom. Maybe even more than hanging out in the Mini. The slide show reminded me of how perfect you 2 were for each other, too. What a wonderful adventure you shared together! Never long enough but I'm grateful it was long as it was. Love you, Alex XOMichele Yin - February 17, 2021
Although I never met Milo, I am well aware of what the unconditional love given by a dog to his human companion means to that person. And how much it will be missed. My thoughts and prayers are with you, Alex.Barbara Kepler - February 17, 2021
I will always remember Milo's sweetness and gentleness. When I first met him in the office, I could tell what a special dog he was; I also remember being struck by his unique coloring and mannerisms. He seemed nervous around me, and I wanted to win his trust, so I baked him peanut butter and bacon-glazed dog treats - he eventually came close enough to me to eat out of my hand! But despite that high point in our relationship, he was always chiefly devoted to Alex, and always most comfortable and at ease by her side and at her feet. Milo and Alex shared many golden years of close friendship and adventure. He lived a full life and knew he was loved. Rest in peace Milo.Caroline Cochran - February 17, 2021
I only knew Milo as an "old man" and what a sweetie he was. While participating in Milo's care while Alex was away for a few weeks at the end of 2020, I grew to love him and often pondered what he must have been like in his more active years. To a certain extent, watching the slide show answered that. And made me very tearful. Alex, you two were lucky to have had each other. I know what it is to love a dog too. But Milo was no ordinary dog, he was an adventurer! Rest In Peace, Milo dear.Anne Hill - February 17, 2021
I remember walking with Alex and Milo in Philadelphia....his little hippy swagger so cute and every passerby remarking on how "handsome" he was. He surely was one of the most handsome of dogs with his beautiful chocolate brown coat. He was such a good companion and a TROOPER, hanging out in the Mini Cooper as contented as can be. I'm glad you had such a sweet friend, Alex. I'm sure he will be looking out for you. Much love to you both!Kimberly Helmer - February 17, 2021
Milo gave me a deeper understanding of dogs! (and I thought I was pretty good) This is what I mean, I always felt that Milo was on the "autism spectrum" (at least that's what it looked like to me). He was so lucky to be with Alex who saw these behaviors that seemed to scare him and she soothed him and made him feel safe in so so so many ways! She could see things coming and take care when something triggered his nervous system. Personally, I feel their relationship had a divine purpose. That is the most important thing. Beyond that, Milo gave me the gift of understanding a deeper level of human/dog relationships. I've had a lifelong desire to "read" animals. Milo showed me that they are more like us than we think -- that they go through things that are "like us" even on a health level. That their physical/medical health can effect them on many levels, just like us! By knowing Milo, it has allowed me to more closely understand many sides of my furry kids! Thanks Milo!! !🐶🙏💕🐕‍🦺🦮Liz Holland - February 16, 2021
Milo was a gentle giant and a super trooper. He was also a really good listener. I always looked forward to seeing him and I will miss our regular appointments.BETH SCHNEIDER - February 16, 2021
We loved Milo! Kara and Leah remember sitting under the table at your Manyunk house petting Milo and giving him love. We also remember camping in PA with you and him. He wandered off into someone else’s campsite and we all went to find him. We loved camping with Milo. He was such a sweet baby.Jill Leah Kara Zimmerman Calise - February 16, 2021
Sweet and gentle Milo. Faithful companion to Alex. I remember you patiently waiting for Alex under her desk when she was at meetings. Rest easy. Sending love and hugs to you, Alex.Kristie Broussard - February 16, 2021
I have so many lovely memories of Milo - from back in the Re:Vision office where he and Puffy became good friends, to him running around the office to try to find you, to finally trusting me enough to stay in your house when I was dog sitting. I know how shy he was, but I distinctly remember the times when we would be walking in nature and how he would perk up and run ahead of us, his tail wagging and just loving life. He had such a good life and I know you'll be comforted by your memories together.Michelle Wolfe - February 16, 2021
Alex, you and Milo were the best of friends, a precious little family. Milo gave you and family and friends never to be forgotten beautiful memories.Adrienne Fiske - February 16, 2021
I knew Milo most in the work place - he was the perfect work peer, quiet at his (/your) desk, ready to dress up for the holidays (with your consolation), and always appreciated for being there. I remember how he'd waited at the top of the ramp when you stepped out, staring at whoever entered that door, hopeful it would be his favorite person.

He's a very good dog, and you were the best owner and friend for him. Peaceful rest, Milo.
Beth Cichon - February 16, 2021
Mellow Milo. The mellowest dog I have ever known. But such a sweet presence! You were one lucky fellow, you dog you. You got to see some of the coolest places on the planet and hang out with one of the coolest people too!

I remember a cross country road trip with you. You were a quiet, observant dog, coming along or just hanging out in the car when members of your species were prohibited. But at night, in the little tiny tent—- well that was a different matter! I think you must’ve lived a more active life in your dreams than during the day! We worked it out though and all of us had a grand adventure.
Susie Wallenstein - February 16, 2021
Such a sweet puppy, I’m glad you got to keep Alex company for so many years. Hope you’re having fun up there! Woof woof 🐶 🐕Andrea Traber - February 16, 2021
What a gentle beautiful dog I have ever met....he was so loved by all he came in contact with. I was so proud to have him at my tiny place for 2 weeks and he adjusted so well and was playful and relaxed in the evenings. I realized I was one of the “I have to go home to walk and feed the dog person....” got me out of the office on time. I will miss him so much. My entire family loved him so much even my mom, non dog person but mostly my nephews rohan and Roland will miss him so much. They really bonded with him. What a fantastic, kind dog. Love you Milo. Take care of grandma and enjoy your forever will be remembered forever.Yumi Chon - February 16, 2021
So sad to lose such a faithful companion! But I’m sure that being with you was a great life for him. Kay and Mitsu send their condolences.Jack Dahlgren - February 16, 2021
I will always remember Milo howling at my 2nd story window after you (Alex) left for a meeting, and then trying to jump out after you. Milo wasn't so sure about humans but he knew you were his soulmate. I never really noticed how much you two look like each other until the slide show! I especially loved seeing him curled up with Puffy. Those were some special times. XOJennifer Rezeli - February 16, 2021
Alex it was a true joy to get to meet Milo on your journey west several years ago. As a dog owner for the past 20 years I too know what a special place they have in our hearts. May the spirit of Milo bring your joy in the days to come as you remember his memory. Praying for comfort and peace as you find a new rhythm without Milo.Elizabeth Larsen - February 16, 2021
Well, I must say Milo had an eventful life. His best day was
when you rescued him. I met Milo when you stopped in Denver. My first thought was that he was big and intimidating but I couldn’t have been more wrong. He was a gentle soul. He was so gentle with my two Westies. Especially Daisy who can be a handful. Milo just ran around in the backyard with her as she tried to dominate the evening. Rest easy Milo. 🐕❤️
Daniel Gregorich - February 16, 2021
Sweet Milo Boy! You will be missed. Always a trooper, always a gentle soul.
My heart goes out to you Alex. He was truly a loyal friend.
Leah Isaacson - February 16, 2021
Milo was a quiet fellow with a great love of cats, any cat, a cat he knew or didn't know, which was very special and precious. Rest in peace and with many kitties Milo.Eve Howard - February 16, 2021
I did not get to know Milo, but I know what a wonderful friend, true friend, Milo was for you from your stories, and Sandra's, and how good of a friend you were to him. My heart goes out to you. His spirit will always be with you.Cecelia Madej - February 16, 2021
I will always think of the blog “Travels with Milo.” Two very special critters going down the road together. In life we can’t travel together forever but may we yet converge in a way that will be explained in due time.Jim Pettit - February 16, 2021

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