9/8/2003 - 2/15/2021Squeaky stole my heart the moment he was pulled from the box of 5 kittens with his little white spot on his nose. He could sit up on his back legs & have a little boxing match with me, just playing while he was king of the condo tower, would let you know when he had enough by hissing at you. About 15 months after Squeaky’s arrival, 10 months old Mr. Riley joined the family., who turned out to be the alpha cat, except when it came to his tower spot & joining us in bed, Riley had no chance there. Loved watching the two chase each other & playing in empty boxes. We lost Riley in May 2019, and it was amazing how much more calmer & lovable Squeaky was to us & more importantly to others. Bedtime is the hardest part of losing Squeaky, he would either stand at attention till you were walking to bedroom, or meow loudly if not moving fast enough. Then would wait until we settled in before climbing up to get his head bumps from dad & my Scratching behind the ears until I was falling asleep. Miss that little body snuggling next to me! Miss you dearly my little guy, RIP❤️Corinne NoRochester Hills, MichiganFebruary 17, 2021
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