Her spirit was undaunted; the only fear was riding in the car, and no words of comfort soothed her there.
Otherwise, she stood her ground against all foes: the rescued border collie and the newer cat named Dixie who refused to be her friend.
She was my Baby Cat, sharing almost everything I ate, and playing until near the end with spools and balls and lids, all of which I later found
Beneath my chair.
So many memories of her lie easy and forever in my heart.
How I wish they filled the empty space
She left there.
Dee BakerLeavenworth, KansasFebruary 17, 2021
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Tinkerbell, you were so sweet that you didn't hesitate to greet me with a purr and chin rubs, even though I know how tired your body must have been. Your soul will surely live on through all who experienced your loving and sassy spirit. Rest easy, sweet girl.Lindsey Wittmeyer - February 17, 2021

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