7/1/2008 - 2/13/2021Tawny had a good life that was filled with snuggles and belly rubs. She enjoyed collaborating with her toddler companion, Claire, for food fun and games. She had one litter with 2 sons. She was a beautiful and talkative cat, a shining example of a Siamese in personality and stature, and a ball of comfort at all times. She was brought into many new adventures agree being discovered in a backyard in West Virginia one Winter afternoon. She then came to live in an apartment with a host of misfits and artists, activists and scholars, and eventually that apartment life became a single family home with 2 kids and endless ear pants.Amanda BarberPittsburgh, PennsylvaniaFebruary 17, 2021
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Tawny was a delight, she would insist you watch her eat - checking between bites that you were still looking. She had the hilarious way of keeping her back leg stretched around a corner as she left a room, making sure you were still paying attention as she left. Tawny made friends with Graham and then Claire and I am grateful for that. I miss her.Travis Mecum - February 19, 2021
Tawny appeared on my front porch on evening. The moment I saw her, I *knew* Amanda needed to be her momma. A late night trip to the store, and Tawny was on her way to her new forever home! Over the course of the next decade, I was able to visit Tawny in her homes spread all over the place... Fairmont WV, Syracuse NY, and Pittsburgh PA.. She lived her absolute best life and will be missed!Amanda Smith - February 19, 2021
Tawny will be greatly missed. She has given our family a great gift, one of her sons we call Scooter. For this we will be eternally grateful. I will always remember Tawny’s demands for an audience whenever she sat down to eat, and they way she would bite the nearest person when she heard rock music (who knows if this was in support or protest of the sound!). We love you, Tawny!Valerie Barber - February 18, 2021
Tawny was a special girl and deeply loved by each member of her family. She fought hard against her illness and inspires us to do the same. She will be missed - never forgotten.Allison Kachmar - February 18, 2021

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