6/23/2000 - 9/15/2014My love, my sweet girl, my silly girl, my beautiful girl, my good girl, my soul mate, my hero, my teacher, my inspiration, my daughter, my friend, my business partner, my everything. You were my angel on earth and now you are my angel in heaven. You came to me in my dreams running happily in the bright green meadows. You are finally free of pain. Run free my love! I will cherish every moment I had with you and hold you close in my heart every day until we meet again. Until then, don’t worry about me and run with the other furry angels but remember to visit me in my dreams from time to time. I miss you beyond words and will love and cherish you always. Mama loves you!Michele MeyerLockport, IllinoisSeptember 20, 2014
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This week I discovered that you left my life on the same date you came into it. It bewilders me that I did not save to memory your adoption date but now I know why. You continue to amaze me my love even now that you are gone. I can never be sad at the anniversary of your passing since it is also the anniversary of the day you came into my life. And after all the clear messages you have sent me, I also know there is eternal life and that you are still with me. You are still my very special girl!Michele Meyer - October 11, 2014
Bridgette B - September 26, 2014
Persia, you are so very loved! You have become more than just a pet, you are a family member. I am so very glad you brought so much love & joy to our family, and more so what you have meant to your mama! You are very pretty & precious to everyone you have grown to know and love. It was such a joy to have you come over for play dates with Max, even when he was being a bit too playful. Get plenty of rest now in doggie heaven, and continue to visit your mama & let her know you are watching over her.Denise Smoot - September 26, 2014
Yesterday a beautiful rainbow appeared above me although it did not rain. I feel you with me my love. Thank you for letting me know you are okay. You are my sweet, sweet girl!Michele Meyer - September 25, 2014
I received a gift from heaven last night. I arrived at my client's house early so I pulled into a nearby parking lot to finish my makeup. I have to wait to put on my mascara so I don't arrive to my client with raccoon eyes from crying. I started having anxiety attacks yesterday and feeling like I couldn't breathe so I welcomed this extra time to try to gather myself.

I parked in front of a prairie with lots of wild flowers and birds. I watched the birds and prayed that one would fly up to my window and give me some kind of sign that my baby girl was okay. But nothing happened. I now know that's because my girl knew no ordinary bird would do. No, she would have to make a big statement in order for me to have no doubts it was her.

So I went to meet with my client. She wanted to work with her two dogs in a not very large dog run. This was our first session and her very large Lab was barking and lunging at every dog that walked by, which there were many! After 30 minutes of this, a gorgeous white dove flies into the pen just 10 feet away from us. The Lab's mouth literally comes within an inch of the dove as he tries to grab it before the owner and I can get him and hold him back.

The dove flies to the other end of the run and stays on the ground watching us as the big lab continues to bark and lunge trying to get to him. I thought for sure he must be wounded and that's why he is not leaving. Nothing else has occurred to me yet as I'm just trying to keep this dog from eating this dove. I look at my client and said "Really???!!!" in disbelief as we really did not need another distraction.

He stays there for probably another 5 minutes before he then flies on top of the fence. The dog is going crazy again. But the dove remains on the fence for several more minutes before flying away. I'm in training mode, so still nothing occurs to me until after I leave my client and on my way back to the car, it hits me, without any doubt that it was my sweet Persia and an overwhelming sense of peace came over me and has been with me ever since.

I'm still so sad because I miss her but have been able to shed some happy tears after last night feeling that she is okay and feeling her love. Perhaps this was my Uncle Chuck who loved birds and gave us a couple of impressive bird encounters after his passing. Or maybe it is the two of them working together. Uncle Charlie, please watch over my precious Persia until I can be with her again. I love and miss you both. Thank you for such a beautiful gift. I sensed the other couple of gifts last week were also from you my sweet girl, but last night was very assuring my furry angel.
Michele Meyer - September 23, 2014
Our dear sweet Persia, you will be so dearly missed. Our lives were so blessed because of you! Everyone who knew you loved you! Run free pretty girl!!Sue Buhle - September 23, 2014
What an incredible impact this one, beautiful dog had on so many humans and other dogs. Most people, much less "pets", don't have that kind of effect throughout their entire lives. Way to go, Persia, on fulfilling your purpose in such a magnificent way.Stacy Chirillo, DVM - September 22, 2014
She sounds like she was such an amazing girl, so smart and beautiful! I love all the pictures of her too! What a beauty! May she rest in peace and meet you in your dreams!Lap of Llove Chicagoland - September 22, 2014
Our home is empty without you. I miss you every day and all the joy you brought that made our house a home. Your spirit is renewed now that you are no longer in pain. You are with Jesus and the other doggie angels and that brings me some peace. I miss you but I know I will see you again. Love you "baby"

Maureen Koesema - September 22, 2014
Love you Persia! You will be missed. You were an amazing dog and I hope my Peke and Taffy will look after you over at the Rainbow Bridge. Run free beautiful girl!Cristina Abels - September 22, 2014
Auntie Angie will always love you. You are my beautiful girl with such pretty light blue eye and soft coat of fur. Such a smart and talented, sweet, sweet beauty. I will miss you, but I will never forget you.Auntie Angie McHale Tagler - September 22, 2014
I am praying for the healing of your heart, Michele...but know Persia is in the GREATEST place, and you will see her again!Christine Hutman - September 22, 2014
Persia, you were the most beautiful and friendly dog that I have had the pleasure of knowing. Your presence in this world will be deeply missed.Justin Buhle - September 22, 2014

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