Molson Golden
4/28/2016God puts dogs on this earth to teach humans about unconditional love and compassion. Our dog Molson has shown us all that, and laid his head upon our laps in comfort during some of the hardest days of our lives. Our boy crossed the rainbow bridge (and to those in WNY, he didn’t go to Canada) and gained his much deserved angel wings. As we look upon his final days, we can do so knowing he was the most awesome dog anyone could have asked for. From that precocious pup we adopted in Eagan, MN, to our companion on journeys across the country, to a proud protector of his little human siblings in Amherst, NY, we had to have him as much as he had to have us.Dawn CwierleyAmherst, New YorkFebruary 18, 2021
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Molson knew only kindness and love, because of the family he had. May his memory soothe the pain of his absence. Those of us who share our lives with animals - we understand it all. Enjoy your rest, sweet Molson.Melissa Lang - March 15, 2021

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