10/10/2005 - 2/17/2021My beautiful boy Tank. A big boy with a big personality and an even bigger heart. He gave so much loved every living creature that he came into contact with. All of the foster kittens that were in our home, looked up to him like he was their daddy. And he gladly took on that role. He will be forever missed and always loved ❤️❤️❤️Diane ReeseTampa, FloridaFebruary 18, 2021
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I miss you so much 💔 Our home is so empty without you. All the girls miss you terribly too. I love you so much baby boy ❤️❤️❤️Diane Reese - March 12, 2021
He was a good kitty and lucky to have a wonderful catio, lots of brothers and sisters, and a mom who doted on him. Write the children’s book, it will be therapeutic, and allow you to share his story and life with others.Derek Cholakian - February 23, 2021
So very sorry for the loss of your precious Tank. I will miss seeing pictures of him. Love and hugs.Wendy Peterson - February 21, 2021
I am so sorry for your loss I know that you loved Tank. He helped you take care of so many of the cats and kittens. He had a big heart and seemed to be a gentle giant. I know he will be remembered with loving thoughts.

Kaila Paige - February 21, 2021
Tank's heart was as big as he was. So loving and gentle. Diane, you gave Tank a wonderful life and he loved you as much as you loved him!Schatzie Haines - February 21, 2021
Oh Sweet Handsome Tank. You have given your Momma so much happiness and love. You will be dearly missed by many and you have left your paw prints 🐾 in many hearts.Angela Wilbur - February 20, 2021
Tank lives on in our memory from all the pictures his Mom shared. Always made me smile to see his love for the foster kitties and those foster fails that became his fur family... that cute tongue out pose and the proud of my big belly photos. A gentle, loving, protective, patient, silly, playful, and beautiful boy. He lived a charmed life with you... he’s up there somewhere sticking his tongue out at you as a gesture of love. So sorry for the loss of your Tank. ❤️Lyn Zweibach - February 20, 2021
My heart is broken 💔. Had the pleasure of knowing and loving you. Rest in peace dear one.Pauline Espe - February 20, 2021
So sorry for your devastating loss. I never met Tank, but I could tell he was a VERY special boy and that he meant the world to you. I also know he was quite the ladies man and also very handsome.😻. May he Rest In Peace until you see him again. Sending you love and comfort.❤️. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.❤️Victoria Ford - February 19, 2021
Rest In Peace Tank ❤️ Thank you for taking care of my sister.Dee Green - February 19, 2021
You and Tank were so lucky to have found one another. I know your loss, with Tank being such an important part of your family, it is not and will not be easy hereafter. Wishing you comfort and peace during this difficult time. ❤Sandy Smith - February 19, 2021
Tank was a gentle giant who always greeted me sweetly, wanting a belly rub or just some loving ❤!! He had the best mom in the world, Diane, who took care of him and his kitty siblings so incredibly well!! Im blessed that I got to visit with Tank just a few days before he went to The Rainbow 🌈 Bridge and give him a nice belly rub!!! I will miss you Tankeroo and you will never be forgotten ❤!!Tavia Hassani - February 19, 2021
Fly high Tank, you made the world a kinder place. God Bless your Mama, she's hurting and missing you but you're not in pain and that's important. I'm hoping you, Teddy Bear, and all your fur siblings are dancing in heaven, gonna miss that silly tongue of yours 👅👅👅💜💜💜Tammy Postlethwait - February 19, 2021
Sorry for your loss. You gave him many happy years.David Marie - February 19, 2021
Rest In Peace sweet boy, we are gonna miss you! ❤️🙏Tina M. Heselton - February 19, 2021
You were the best big brother a kitty could ask for. You always stood up for me when the other girls ganged up on me. You were the only sibling I ever wanted to snuggle with because you were the best smuggler in the world. I will forever love and miss you sweet Tankers ❤️❤️❤️Roo Reese - February 19, 2021
You were the best big brother a kitty could ask for. You always stood up for me when the other girls ganged up on me. You were the only sibling I ever wanted to snuggle with because you were the best smuggler in the world. I will forever love and miss you sweet Tankers ❤️❤️❤️Roo Reese - February 19, 2021
Tank will forever be in all of our hearts as our sexy porn star. He was the man of the hour. The Cat with the swagger. He was handsome and most loved by all. Tank, you go rock in over that rainbow bridge with all the ladies. We will give your mama lots of hugs & love!Farrah Pileggi - February 19, 2021
Sweet Tank, I am so grateful that I got to meet you. You were an amazing cat who brought so much joy to your human
mummy and your fur sisters. I promise to keep an eye on your human mummy as her heart heals. Shine on in Heaven sweet boy. I am going to really miss seeing you.
Elaine Molyneux - February 19, 2021
My favorite nephew! You are SO loved and will be missed like crazy. Many thanks to your fur-Mom Diane for sharing you with us, both in person and online (EVERYONE who knows you have a favorite "Tank" picture - I know I do!). Your love, gentleness and ever-expressive beautiful face will never be forgotten. Although we will grieve for you no longer being with us, I know that you are now relaxing in a nice sunbeam with all of our fur family that has crossed the Rainbow Bridge before you. May you all enjoy each others company and watch over us.

Rest easy, big guy... unlimited crispy treats and wet food for you from here on out.

I love you.

Aunt Dana
Dana Berry - February 19, 2021
I'm so sorry you lost your big boy, Tank and can only imagine the hole that left in your big heart. I know he will be missed by many.Christine Selleck - February 19, 2021
Although I never had the pleasure of personally meeting Tank, I feel like I knew him. I’ll miss the stories of him getting away from all of the “ladies” by hanging in his man-cave, and the pictures of his sweet “mlem” tongue.

I’m so sorry for your loss, Diane.
Sandi Bulmash - February 19, 2021

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