Loopy Cabe
10/4/2008 - 2/19/2021My poem to Loop
Many prominent, religious leaders profess that our beloved doggies do not go to Heaven after their time and purpose on earth is fulfilled.
For the life of me, I cannot begin to imagine that such a devoted, loyal heart, filled with so much innocence and unconditional Love, which fills every breath of their earthly lives, are not allowed entrance into Heaven.
To me, they are the very essence of true Love; that very thing in which the Lord teaches us is the greatest power of all, and of which is our doggies only wish to give to us freely and without measure, and of which you Loopy, gave to me until your very last, earthly breath.
If true, oh what a dreary, hollow and lonesome place Heaven would be, imperfect in Love because the very essence of perfect Love is denied entry into a paradise which confesses that true Love is all powerful, and we must strive to live by it throughout our entire lives, something that you Loop, accomplished in me and gave to me generously and freely with ease.
I myself, do not wish to spend eternity in a place that professes unconditional Love to be our greatest life's mission and goal, but yet denies the very living, sole example of it to freely thrive with us when we depart this world as well. If so, then I would desire to spend eternity where all of our doggies go and where you are now Loopy.
But I do know that it isn't true at all. What is true is that you Loop, are in Heaven with our Lord and spreading your unconditional gift of Love, to every Loving soul that you possibly can, just as you filled my heart with it while with me on earth.
Yes Loop...I know you are in Heaven and with our Lord, and that is the place that I too, choose to be when my time is done here on earth.
We are devastated and miss you oh so much....Thank You for touching our lives and loving us...we love you and will be with you again one glorious day.

Your Loving Mommy and Daddy,
Mike CabeLithia Springs, GeorgiaFebruary 21, 2021
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Mommy has been talking about you lately...I know she is missing you too....my sweet, gentle boy.Mike cabe - April 10, 2021
Daddy still misses his good boy....and I always will. Run and play my sweet Loopy...Mike cabe - April 5, 2021
I am so sorry about Loop. Furbabies fill our hearts with unconditional love. And they are so missed, but will forever be in your heart.Wes Hardman - February 22, 2021
May you always be just a memory moment away from those who love you♥️Sheri B - February 22, 2021
Oh Loopy, Sweet Boy -
We will miss you so much buddy and it will not be same without you here. But we know you are pain free now and running around with so much energy. Rainbow Bridge is your new home and I know you’ve made it so much more colorful. Please give our sweet Bella lots of love for us. I know the two of you will be best friends. We all love you and will miss you always. Heather ❤️
Heather Fueston - February 22, 2021
We’ve enjoyed having him in our lives for the past 13 yrs and it was so very very hard to watch him go but it was his time to be with Jesus and I know that he will be waiting and watching for us when it is our time. I miss you Loop so much you were one of a kind I just wish we could of had you a little while longer and if I could trade places with you I would! we love you good boy RIP! My shadata!!!!Mary Cabe - February 22, 2021
So very sorry for your loss of loopy. It’s hard to bury our fur babies. The longer we have them the harder it is to let them cross that rainbow bridge. Prayers for you and your family.Chuck and Kim Byrom - February 22, 2021
I will miss you precious Loop...but will see you in Heaven running pain free! I can only imagine your sweet face is seeing right now. See you again sweet baby!Teri Thompson - February 22, 2021
Loop ive always loved you and I always will I miss you buddy ❤ mePeggy Pace - February 21, 2021
Chris Fralick - February 21, 2021
I miss you my good boy....my heart is shattered but I'll see you again. I love you...Mike Cabe - February 21, 2021

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