10/8/2003 - 2/20/2021To Our Baby Boy,
You came to our lives and brought us so much joy. I remember when daddy picked you out from the litter and said “Wow, he is chunky...that’s it his name will be chunk” and we brought you home. Since that day you brought nothing but happiness into our life. You were our baby boy. We can both say that, throughout your life you had always been relentless and taught us to never give up. You protected us until the end, especially being mommy’s companion when daddy was on shift at the Firehouse.All the road trips we took with you to see “Guela and Guelo” and cousin Nani & Uncle Abner. All those smooches and kisses you gave us are a lifetime memory that will be treasured forever. We all miss you so much and We Love You to Infinity.

Love you Always,
Mommy and Daddy
Ambar & Hector LoizEustis, FloridaFebruary 21, 2021
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Chunk My boy! I knew there was something special about you when I grab you from the liter box but I did not know how special. When it all started, you as a puppy, not knowing what type of breed you were. Is what made me a little nervous but also curious at the same time. As time went on and you were growing up, I saw the breed you were, a half pit/half terrier. When mommy Ambar, you (chunk) and I started our life together (when we moved to Jacksonville, FL) it was fun and challenging due to being away from the family. But one thing I knew; when I went home from a 24hr shift, it was my wife and you home happy to see me. I remember seeing you wagging that tail, barking, running around and being so happy, it is what brought joy to me. I also remember the time when mommy was working and I had a rough shift with no sleep and trying to train you to be obedient. I would fall asleep on the floor with you next to me or even on top of you like you where my pillow. As time continued, you were fully an adult dog. I remember taking you to the fire station and everyone at the fire station loved your hair color and your looks. They were always telling me that's a cool looking dog. As time went on, when I was at the fire station, one thing I knew: Mommy Ambar was safe because you had her protected and alerted of anyone near the apartment including dogs (LOL). Years later when we moved back to Palm Beach with the family, you were happy being with Guela and Guelo. Messing up Guela's favorite couch in the computer room because you were barking at the other neighbors dogs when passing by. She was definitely not happy but she laughed. As time went on, you had claimed that couch by melting her heart with your joy. I remember trying to get you off the couch. You were growling at me which it got me so mad but Guela was always protecting you, saying: "it was ok". I could continue and write a book about you my boy; but I can't in this memorial, it would be too long. It hurts me to say: you will not be here next to us (for the first time in 17 and a half yrs). The last 2 to 3 yrs here at home, I was always looking at you next to our bed and impressed how you kept going and kept fighting old age. I also remember giving you a hug when it was just me and you at the house because I did not know, how much time I had left; to give you all the love and hugs I wanted to give you. You have definitely define old age. There were times back in Jacksonville, I was in an emotional funk and you always seemed to cheered me up, especially when I started to train you to smile. Even after my grandparents passing, you were still there bringing me joy (even though it was not the energy you had as a puppy) but you were a good emotional support because you were still around barking, running around and being the best dog you could be even at your old age. Boy I knew you were special but this is heart breaking. Especially because I never thought how much you would mean to me. You brought so much laughter, joy and even aggravation (LOL). When you peed on the carpet like a Choo Choo train (LOL). Boy there is so much more I want to say but you made me happy to be your owner but also be known as a Dog DAD and I am proud of you for protecting mom and giving the both of us the love and emotional support. The last three days were one of the hardest days for me. Not knowing if I was cheating your life short or if I blinded myself to think you were ok and that it was just old age. But I knew I was in denial. So, I made sure I cherish those days with you with pictures, food, love and lots of hugs. The night before, while I laid on your bed looking at you and also playing with you rough (reminded me how you used to loved that as a puppy). Playing with you rough for one last time was tough for me emotionally. Funny, even at 17 and a half yrs old you still had a little puppy life left in you and you knew how much mommy Ambar and I loved you. While I was laying in bed knowing that I had played with you for the last time, I definitely had tears coming down of sadness but also of joy, to see that you had that smile, happiness and fight in you. On your last day it broke me down emotionally, not knowing what's in stored in my future. That morning you gave me the look that it was ok and you were ready to rest. I knew I can't allow you to suffer and you trusted me and mommy to do what was right. That's why you were calm and relaxed. As of today, right now, it has been tough for me just to even write this memorial, knowing you will not be here between mom and I for the first time in 17 and a half years. I know you are in a happier place running around, eating, playing rough and finally getting along with other dogs (LOL) with no pain. Chunk, My Boy, Daddy's Dog, my #1 (which I thought I would never say), I Love you! I will always have you in my Heart and Never forget about you my boy. RIP CHUNK 😘Hector Loiz Jr - February 23, 2021
To Chunk. We'll think of you and smile whenever we watch or joke about the Goonies, even though Alex never saw the movie. You were more than a great dog, you were a member of the family, whom loved you so much. We are so sad you're no longer here with us, but we pray that you are now at peace and free of pain. And that your "mom and dad" find comfort in that and in all the memories and joy you brought all these years.

Love Alex and Jena
Alex And Jena - February 22, 2021
Chunky!!!! We will definitely miss you. Gracias por siempre recibirnos con tanto amor en tu casa. Espero que ya estes en el cielo de los perros con tu prima Sofía y tu primo Puppy disfrutando de tu descanso eterno. Dejas un vacío muy grande en el corazón de tu familia, pero sabemos que estas bien y en paz. Siempre te recordaremos con mucho amor.Angela Ferrá - February 22, 2021
Siempre te recordaremos y extrañaremos!!Sara Elias - February 22, 2021
Well one thing I can say is I’m not good at these but chunky was always my protector no matter what. He was always by my said when I was little until well now I’m 13 it’s been 13 year with that dog around me no matter what even if I was allergic to dogs I didn’t care I would always try to be around him. I love him so much and one thing is I always wanted for that dog is to be with me forever but you know time comes. And I didn’t expect it so soon. I will love chunk to the end of my life and he will always be in my heart. I’ll do anything in my will to see that dog again everyday. I love you chunk. - cousin NaniNaraly Elias - February 22, 2021
Chunk:. Vas a ser extrañado por tus padres y abuelos. Recuerdo cuando una vez le dije a Ámbar:. Cuando Chunk no esté, vas a llorar mucho. Pero a la misma vez te he dicho, tienen que tener la satisfacción de que lo cuidaron demasiado bien. Ahora el no tiene dolor. A todos nos llegará nuestro momento como le llegó a él. Nada es eterno en la vida. Un beso y de ahora en adelante, recordar los mejores momentos. Un abrazo solidario a ustedes.Cuca Elias - February 22, 2021
So sorry guys I know how hard it is but he will be always present in your life. 💕🥲💕Martha Guzman - February 22, 2021
Chunk will be missed. He was a sweet, wonderful friend. I will miss his cute smile. And how happy you guys where when he would do his smile for you. So sorry for your loss.

With Love,

Michele Goodrum - February 22, 2021
Chunka Munka,

My heart is broken, knowing you are no longer in your mom and dads arms. You were their world and always will be. You are such a sweet boy who gave the sweetest kisses (just not to other dogs). You are always in our hearts. I know you are going to continue to protect you mom and dad for the rest of their lives. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers always.
Tara Young - February 22, 2021
Sending lots of hugs and love 💕 He was a cutie 🐶Ryan and Erika Zauner - February 22, 2021
Chunky Chunk,

Thank you for bringing so much happiness in everyone's life. We have you in our thoughts, hearts and we will always be grateful for you being in our lives. Have fun in doggy heaven were you can run, bark, and eat all the steaks you want.

Love you Chunk,

Fabio and family
Fabio G - February 22, 2021
Sweet chunk,
We miss you already. So glad we got to be a part of your life. You were deeply loved by your family and friends. You took a piece of our hearts with you. Thank you for the love and the memories. ❤️❤️
Patti Garrison - February 22, 2021

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