3/25/2007 - 2/20/2021Bayou was 10 months old when we got him from the Norfolk SPCA. He was a spunky dog who liked to play tug and liked playing fetch for 15 minutes every night at 10:00 p.m. He would lick John's feet every evening and loved marshmallows and gummies (which we finally stopped giving him after he kept throwing up). He could only eat salmon food and sweet potato treats, and boy did he love those treats! He would stand by the cabinet and look up every time he came inside. He would try to trick us sometimes and pretend to want to go outside and then go straight to the cabinet.

He had the best sniffer, too. He loved sniffing around the perimeter of the yard and always foraged in the kitchen and on the living room floor. He liked making friends with the dogs next door, too, and he didn't mind when kids wanted to pet him. He loved people.

He didn't like it when John wrestled with the kids and would bark loudly to tell him to stop. He would always try to make friends with the pizza delivery driver because who doesn't like a good pizza?

He also enjoyed staring out the door to watch people and dogs walking by. He wanted to be friends with everyone and was so sweet. When he was young, he would dart out the door and we'd have to chase him down the block. He was a fast runner! As he aged, he would walk outside with us and down to the mailbox to sniff it. Sometimes he would sit outside with John while John was working. And he would wait outside the bedroom door for me to come out. His favorite place was laying on the tile in the sun at the front door.

He loved walking (until his hips hurt too much) and would drag us down the street for the first mile, as we dragged him back home for the second mile. Sara would try to get him to kiss her and he would often turn his head. Sometimes she would get lucky and he would give her a kiss. Bayou would hang out with Daniel as he played video games in the den and try to sneak whatever he was eating.

After Sara and Daniel each moved out, he would walk down the hall to the their bedrooms to look for them. When John had knee surgery and then returned to work, Bayou would walk down the hallway wondering where he was. And every night, he would look down the hallway at John as John headed to bed.

Before his hips and legs became weak, he would come to me on the couch every night and want to get scratches on his haunches. He loved that.

And he sure did shed! So much hair! While most labs love water, Bayou didn't. He once ran away from the ocean at the beach. And he was our Labrador non-retriever. Haha. He didn't much like playing fetch but enjoyed wrestling and tug.

When he didn't want to do something, he used to go "foof." So we used to say we were "foofin" hot or make up words like "foofin taters." We used to sing "Gonna Bayou a drink" to him and called him stinky dog, tinky, dog dog, toonk, and doggy day. He really did infiltrate every area of our lives and we loved him for it.

Making the decision to say goodbye to Bayou was the hardest decision we've ever made. He was the best dog ever.
Anita MonroeVirginia Beach, VirginiaFebruary 22, 2021
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