5/10/2004 - 2/20/2021Brutus was truly my soul mate and best friend. How lucky am I to have had the past 16, almost 17 years with such an amazing soul. I think the more we let love into our hearts the harder it is to say goodbye. Brutus loved unconditionally. Our hearts are broken but I am thankful to have had such a rich love in my life to feel such deep pain. Brutus loved the sunshine, going on adventures, running, and playing. We will keep all the great memories alive and we will be together again.Michelle PeckWEBSTER, New YorkFebruary 22, 2021
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Brutus was and will forever be, my best friend. I met Brutus when he was 5 years old and fell in love with him immediately. For nearly 12 years we were inseparable. Brut went everywhere with us because it was was so hard to bare leaving him and truthfully... because we were just so proud to show him off to the world. When we did have to leave him, Michelle and I would ask what the other thought he was doing... He was always on our minds and in our hearts. My wife and I even planned our honeymoon to include Brutus. He ate at every restaurant we did, went to every beach we did and hiked every mountain we did. I was always so proud that he was my good boy when people would inevitably ask what kind of dog he was because of his unique features and kind disposition. Brutus was gentle and knew just how to make us feel better when we were sick or just sad. A Brut cuddle could take away so much pain or finish off the perfect day in the perfect way. He took great pride in caring for his family and he was the best at doing it. The scarf, where he would lay his neck perfectly Over your neck, was one of the most comfortable and content feelings I will ever know. He did not like swearing or the Buffalo Bills. His favorite things were cuddling, going for walks, chasing squirrels, going for car rides, laying in the sun but most of all I think he loved to love us... and I loved to love him so much. My heart is shattered now and I miss everything about him, I think about him constantly...but even now, I can feel him comforting me because that’s what he does. We will be together again someday and until that day I will hold you so tightly in my heart and I will never forget you. I love you Buddy, Dad

Michelle, I am so incredibly grateful you brought Brutus in to my life. Thank you. I love you
Danny Peck - March 6, 2021
You were a rescue pup that lived a life of adventure and poise! You wore your turtleneck proud and were distinguished! With your long deer legs you hiked your way in this world, even as an old pup!-from college days to Florida, and Virginia back home again, to meeting your Dad and hiking the East coast with them on their honeymoon! You were the first cousin Molly met when we picked her up from the airport (she loved you even if she was protective of her food-you always had patience with her!), I watched you when your brother Davis came into this world and you cuddled his hospital blanket, our walks to the zoo, concerts, and more! You lived a beautiful, blessed life and were so loved! You are onto your next adventure and know you have a pure soul, as your love was always unconditional! Until we meet again, rest easy my Brutus! <3 Aunt Nicki
Nicole Armani - February 25, 2021
Brutus, you were a rescue pup that lived a life full of adventure and poise! You wore your turtleneck proud! We all loved you so much and have very fond memories of life with you! In the 16 years of your blessed life you partied in college, lived in Florida and Virginia. You hiked the East coast with your Mom and Dad on their honeymoon and stayed with me while welcoming your brother Davis into this world! You loved basking in the sun and loved that even as an old pup you went on hikes, and to the beach with us-your unconditional love will be remembered the most and you will be missed dearly but know you you were loved and know you are on another adventure and can't wait until our paths cross again!Nicole Armani - February 25, 2021
Dear Brutus-
You are a kind and gentle soul. Thank you for loving my sister, nephew and baby brother so unconditionally. You enriched their life beyond measure. I loved seeing you in my aunties front window, knowing you were watching over your little family. I loved how sweet and gentle you were with my kids, nieces and nephews and I loved how much grandma loves you(she even has a picture of you on her dresser... not quite sure she even has a pic of all the grandkids😉) We all know you were her favorite... but we accepted it, because you were so darn cute, loving and deserving. I know your body is gone now, too sick and tired to go on, but that spirit in you is fierce and ready to chase some squirrels. Live free and have fun! Love you fur-ever-Aunt Anna
Aunt Anna - February 24, 2021
I am so sorry for your loss. I am sure you miss your loyal companion. Brutus will be missed and fondly remembered.Carl Deyarmin - February 22, 2021
You were all truly blessed. Brutus was always the first there when anyone came to the door. He loved you all and
was a great buddy to Davis. He will be missed but his beautiful memories will ease the pain over time. Stay safe and God bless you all.0
Nelson and Joanne Peck - February 22, 2021
Dear Brutus, you were such a handsome boy and so deeply loved - thank you for trusting me. Rest easy and run free <3
Love, Dr. Mandi
Mandi Beckmann - February 22, 2021

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