8/21/2010 - 2/16/2021Cooper’s favorite activities were “stealing” his mom’s slippers, jumping up on the kitchen counter and taking mom’s tea towel and “picking up” stray socks on the floor, or chewing on sticks. If visitors were over, he would take the visitors shoes and happily walk around with them in his soft mouth. He is a retriever; that is what we do he would say if he could talk. He was also the best at ripping a stuffed animal apart because the dentist vet told me “he has a perfect bite.” Did I mention he loved to swim? Did I mention he loved to fetch his tennis ball? He was spoiled too because he had a surrogate mom that would bring him used tennis balls (they still had a lot of bounce left in them). He loved meeting people, chasing squirrels, sitting on the hill out back and watching everyone and everything, driving in the car (he loved that), was great on a long or short trips (as long as we had potty breaks and treats), could be demanding at times if he did not get his way (geez, I wonder why?) but best of all he loved his mom. He was always there to greet her with kisses and a wagging tail. He was my constant companion though life’s up and downs, the moves, heartache, and joy. I loved to watch him run; it was a beautiful sight to see his muscles work thru his fur! He was the best at unconditional love and greeted everyone with his wonderful Golden smile.

Every time I see a stick on the ground, a tennis ball, a squirrel, or even just driving in the car (he went with me everywhere), he will be forever missed and also be forever remembered. In lieu of flowers, the family asks that you give your dog/cat an extra amount of love to honor Cooper’s memory.
Diane DanielsSaline, MichiganFebruary 23, 2021
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Cooper was a very special dog and I will miss his visits for acupuncture. His joyful nature was contagious. With sympathy Diane, and fond memories of Cooper.Heidi Mier - March 2, 2021
I am so sorry to hear that you have lost your sweet Cooper.
I know you miss Cooper terribly. I’m thinking about you and sending thoughts and prayers.
You and Cooper were so lucky to have found each other. He will be greatly missed.
Wishing you comfort and peace during this difficult time. Hugs to you Diane
Dianne Dahl - February 28, 2021
I'm so sorry about the loss of Cooper, Diane. You know how special he was to me since I got to know him very well as a young, rowdy puppy. I remember thinking how he made my move to Atlanta even more difficult as I was very attached to him, and missed seeing him on a regular basis. He was overly exuberant when I returned home to visit and he never forgot to look for tennis balls in my car trunk. He loved to rummage through my suitcase and torment me with his kleptomania habit of stealing socks, underwear, shoes, etc.! His love and loyalty as your constant companion was heartwarming, Diane, and I know he has taken a piece of your heart with him! His spirit will be in our hearts forever and we were so blessed to have this amazing furry friend in our lives!!
Love and Hugs,
Rita Kelley - February 27, 2021
So sorry to hear that Cooper has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Your memories of him are forever in your heart.Beverly Detlor - February 26, 2021
RIP Cooper Dooper.
Hugs to you Diane.
Linda DeGrow - February 26, 2021
So sorry or your loss Diane. Cooper will always be with you in spirit. It will be difficult just as it is when your loved ones die. He was very welcoming to me the couple of times I came to your house. He liked to show off.Marina Romano - February 25, 2021
Cooper was so sweet and always made me feel better when I was visiting. Cooper made me feel so welcomed and loved.Cheryl Clossick - February 25, 2021
What an Amazing story about Cooper. Dogs are the absolute best. They are our furry best friends. Not only do they love us unconditionally - but they bring us joy every single day - and truly allow us to be happy with the simple things. I think we learn the best things in life from our puppies. My previous dog, Sprite, also passed away last October. It was unexpected (also a lab). I still see her sitting outside in her favorite outdoor spots - she was always wanting to be out. She became the neighborhood dog that everyone loved. Sending you XO's - and while they may not be here physically - I am quite sure they will always follow us around and be looking out for us from above. Shining lights for sure !Terri Lies - February 25, 2021
Cooper was such as sweet dog and brought so much joy into this world. He had such a personality and I will always remember him with that slipper in his mouth 😊 I remember meeting little Cooper as a puppy at the apple orchard – that day was such a special memory. Right from the start, he brought such light and smiles to those around him. Cooper was such a loving companion and his time in our hearts will far outnumber his days on earth.

Cooper - Wishing you days of unlimited play, tennis balls galore, and all the slippers your little heart desires across that Rainbow bridge. We love and miss you!
Samantha Hutchins - February 25, 2021
Cooper was a really good dog. I came up with my own nick name for him--"freight train"--because he was so strong/solid and could run really fast. If there is such a thing as an alpha dog, Cooper could easily lead a pack. I remember he really enjoyed running and playing with the other dog at a neighbor's dog ranch and I'm sure he got along perfectly with all of them.

His relationship with my mom was unconditional love and respect. She always talked about him everytime I spoke to her. Dogs are so important in our daily life and I know life must feel upside-down without him. I'm so sorry for your loss. He will truly be missed.
Chris & Sam Wallis - February 25, 2021
Everytime I see a Golden Retriever I will think of you and Cooper.James Chenoweth - February 24, 2021
You will be missed and will always be remembered. Till we see each other again at the Rainbow Bridge. Lovr you. MomDiane Daniels - February 24, 2021
Sorry for your loss Diane.Terry Evans - February 23, 2021

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