10/26/2005 - 2/22/2021I got Butters at the pet store of all places. After having her for 15 years and now understanding dogs, I frown upon that today. But I don't regret going because one of my soul connections was attracting me to her. I actually named her before getting her.
I used to watch South Park religiously (before real life became South Park). So. I named her Butters from the show. She raised me, no question about it. She watched me go from making stouffer's lean cuisine every night to planning slow cook Sunday's. She saw me go through bad boyfriends and somehow nudged me to my soulmate. She helped attract my daughter Alyssa into our life. A little jealous in the beginning, but eventually Butters grew to love her (my daughter is now 6). I truly believe with all my heart that we will attract this soul back into our lives. Our journey isn't done and we will continued building on our synergy in her next life. Or maybe I'll be her dog in my next lifetime :). We will find your soul again Butters, but just, if I had to make any requests, next time go to a breeder.

Love you my little girl!
Lisa VohraVienna, VirginiaFebruary 23, 2021
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