1/29/2005 - 1/31/2021We bid adieu to our sweet little Merv. You made it to 112 years old. You lived a long and charmed life, and amused us endlessly. You were the poster child for my business, Dog Camp LA, and you had a multitude of adoring fans. You loved riding in cars and going on adventures. When we would drive in my convertible, you would put your little arm around my seat like I was your lady. It was so sweet. You were gentle with all creatures and humans and had the most expressive almond eyes. You were my sidekick and my rock during some challenging times. I always say that you chose Adam to be my husband, and for that too, I am eternally grateful. Adam loves you as much as I do. He loved making funny videos with you and plying you with turkey snacks, broccoli, and green beans. We miss your funny little face every day. Merv, you were a gentleman to the very end. We love you little guy, and cherish our time that we had with you on this plane. Smooth journey to you, dear friend. Thank you for all the love you brought to our lives.Jula BellVentura, CaliforniaFebruary 24, 2021
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Thinking about you everyday, dear friend. x0x0Jula Bell - March 27, 2021

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