Oreo(oiyo) Cookie Cortez
1/15/2008 - 2/2/2021Oreo you came into my life after I left the military. I fell in love with you immediately. I held you like you were a baby and gave you many hugs and kisses all over your face. You have the sweetest, cutest face I have ever seen. II would sit you up on my lap and look at your handsome face and beautiful eyes. You purred when I would give you kisses. You loved your forehead and cheeks being kissed. I remember the times you would hide in a corner and sneak a ninja attack on my legs. I will miss the drive by cat paw swatting as I walk by. You were so loving and playful. You would play fetch with me with your blue string. You knew I wanted a dog so you became my cat dog. But you also knew I like fish, rabbits so u became my cat dog, fish and rabbit and furbaby all at once. You would meow to me as if I knew what you were saying. "What Timmy fell down the well again?" I would say. You were the best listener and you knew how to keep secrets. You helped watch the house for attacks from spiders and any unwanted visitor. You were my personal alarm clock, waking me up when you were hungry or when mama would oversleep. Whenever you see anyone you did not like you growled like a dog to protect the house. Somehow you understood me without saying a word. Your unconditional love will be missed and never forgotten. When you went to heaven that February afternoon I drove around to chase the sun in my car. I felt like I lost my shining light. My sweet baby boy, you were my shining light that helped me see in darkness. You are an angel to me and I truly believe we will meet again. Until then my love watch over us and I will do my best to make you proud! Always in our hearts, with Eternal love- KCKimberly CortezOrlando, FloridaFebruary 24, 2021
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