Macy Kay
9/11/2009 - 2/25/2021Our Macy Kay
It’s impossible to forget the dog that gave us so much to remember. She had the softest ears ever, a love of belly rubs, gave the best hugs and always left some fur behind for us to remember her later too.
It brings us peace to know her spirit is free and she is running over the bridge with her frisbee, but If love alone could have kept her going we for sure would have loved her long enough to live forever.
She will be missed more than words can express. We love our Macy Kay. She will be in our hearts each and every day.
Elizabeth WebbinkForistell, MissouriFebruary 25, 2021
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My dear Macy you brought so much joy to your mother like no other. Thank you for that. You did a stellar job at being your mom"s bestie and you were so well loved. Your beautiful spirit will stay in our hearts forever and you will be sorely missed. Enjoy yourself in doggie heaven. Please say hello to Boppy, Tyler, Rocky, Casey and Tugger for me and please teach them how to play Frisbee!Terese Deckman - March 2, 2021
Love and hugs. The everlasting love we share with our fur babies ❤️
Love reading all the wonderful memories.
Carla Brakensiek - March 2, 2021
Peggy Benton - March 2, 2021
Macy Kay was always glad to see Jo and I with kisses and hugs. She was always ready to play frisbee. Macy was a little large for a lap dog, but she made her way into your lap and your heart. Best dog ever. Miss you so much. Xoxo. PapaRay Jones - February 27, 2021
I first met sweet Macy when her Mom moved with me to Virginia Beach, and the four of us lived together - Beeb, Macy, Jack (my big lovable tabby cat), and me - we were quite the crew! Jack was still a kitten, and he took to this big, cuddly, floppy-eared ball of energy like they were litter mates, brother and sister :) And it didn’t matter how big Macy got, he still rolled around on the floor with her and chewed on her ears - they were the best of unlikely friends, our support and our love and our laughter and our entertainment when both of us were far away from home 💕 I loved watching her first visits to the ocean and chasing her frisbees into the water - I don’t know how we ever got all of the sand out of her coat 😆 She had such an energy about her, and such a calm strength, and so much love!! Jack looked for her every day after she and her Mom moved home, and while he has lived with other dogs since then, he’s never developed the friendship he had with Macy with anyone else. Jack and I are sending all our love and nose rubs and furry warm hugs to Macy, her Mom and Dad, and her brother Easton - from your first roommates and best feline friend, enjoy the frisbees ❤️Melanie Burns - February 27, 2021
Our beloved Macy Kay touched our hearts in so many ways. She was such a loving animal that has given us much joy being her fur baby Gma and Gpa. There will always be part of us that left with her on February 25th. But knowing she has crossed over the bridge and is able to play with her frisbee and run again brings us a peace that she doesn’t hurt anymore. We loved you with all our hearts. RIP Macy! Until we see you again. Gma and GpaBrenda Webbink - February 27, 2021
I was Macy’s daddy. She was 5 when we first met each other but it was love at first sight. She had me wrapped around her paw from the start.
When her mom and I were married she officially became my baby girl and she was the best dog in the world.
I’ve never seen so much happiness and love shown from just her playing frisbee and laying in your lap.
There’s so many things I’m going to miss from your full tongue facials, throwing your frisbee, taking you on walks/runs and car rides, to just laying with you rubbing your ears.
Daddy loves you baby girl and hopes your free from your broken body. I can’t wait to have your head against my chest again someday. Mom, Dad and Easton will love you forever!
Michael Webbink - February 27, 2021

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