Teeny Hotrod
10/15/2002 - 2/21/2021Teeny Hotrod was one of the most beautiful, gentle, sensitive, and emotionally intelligent kitties I've ever had. Our connection felt otherworldly. He brought me the most wonderful unconditional love, joy, happiness, and companionship. And in turn I feel honored that I was able to give him the best life possible. My heart is broken and he will be greatly missed.Elena ScalisePittsburgh, PennsylvaniaFebruary 26, 2021
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What a wonderful life you provided your sweet boy. Though some time has passed since you said goodbye, I'm sure you think of him every day. Wishing you the best as you look back on the time you shared.Olivia Wilson - March 14, 2021
Sending my love to you my dear friend during this very difficult time.
May his unconditional love, spirit and memories comfort you now and forever. ❤🙏❤
michelle camilleri - March 2, 2021
A life well lived. Godspeed Teeny.Aldo Scalise - March 1, 2021
Teeny lived a long, beautiful life because Elena gave her the best life ever, full.of love and compassion!! Hugs to you E.and please know that Teeny is with my kitties Simon and Sidney in heaven. They're causing quite a ruckus up there and everyone's loving their antics! Love you EShelly Latshaw - March 1, 2021
In remembrance of your beautiful, special boy.Julie Ghidoni - February 27, 2021

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