12/12/2008 - 2/25/2021Our beloved Moxie girl earned her wings on February 25, 2021. Ever the Diva, she undoubtedly pranced her way right in to heaven, much like she pranced her way around her home and yard.

Moxie joined our family on March 1, 2009. All 1.5 pounds of her utterly terrified our 100-pound lab, Sojo. He didn’t know what to do with that cotton ball’s youthful exuberance. It was funny to watch him pick his feet up really high as if he were trying not to step on her. She was so very tiny that we had to put a kitten collar on her with a bell so we always knew where she was.

Moxie grew into a well-mannered beautiful little peke, ahem, Diva, that commanded attention by all those who saw her. She was a very sweet Diva, though, and all seven pounds of her lived up to her name. She was also very smart and feared nothing. Fireworks? Meh. Big dog? Ooh a friend. Yep, Ms. Moxie never met a stranger—human or animal—she would attempt to befriend them ALL, even the wild bunnies in our yard. When she was a youngster, she would act all tough and growl whenever we would say, “is there a bunny rabbit out there?” But when she actually saw one, she just wanted to play with it.

Unfortunately, the last 1.5 years weren’t very kind to our dear Moxie. Kidney disease and a rare skin condition both took its toll, robbing her of that beautiful long white coat, and, well, her moxie. We knew it was time. And she knew it, too, because the last few days before we kindly let her go, she would deliberately pull us towards our gate during our backyard walks. This was something she NEVER did. It was as if she were signaling that it was time for her to go.

In those last few days, Moxie was cuddled, treated to a long warm bath to ease her skin condition, and fed steak—which she thought tasted MUCH better than her kidney kibble.

The kindest thing we could do for her was to enlist the help of Lap of Love to end her suffering. Moxie passed in the comfort of her own home—the place she had lived her entire life.

Dear Moxie: Our hearts are broken. You weren’t “just a dog,” you were a family member. We love you and you will ALWAYS be missed. Thank you for the past 12 years, and thank you for sending us a sign this morning that you are at peace. For the first time in many months, we actually saw a rabbit in our yard when we walked your sister, Brindy. And the weird thing is, we got six feet from it before it darted off. It didn’t go far, either, it just stayed and watched us. Even weirder, your sister didn’t try to chase it—and you know Brindy. Instead, she just looked at it, then went about her business. We know it was you, Moxie, because your Mom tried playing the bunny rabbit game with you on the morning before you passed, but you just weren’t up to it. Yes, sweet Moxie, there WAS a bunny rabbit out there this morning, and we can almost hear your pint-sized growl. Rest in Peace, Little One.
Kent, WashingtonFebruary 27, 2021
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