11/14/2015 - 2/17/2021When I saw Denali at Mary S Robert’s Pet Adoption, I was instantly in love. I already had a scared little rescue at home, and they warned me not to get my hopes up, as he might be dog aggressive, but this sweet boy proved everyone wrong. When I came into the room with Little, who was shaking and terrified, he got down on his belly and army crawled over to her, and licked her little nose. He won over Little - who I was sure would never get close to anyone, and immediately became her best friend. He was always ready for a snuggle, always happy and excited with all life’s adventures. And I feel an enormous hole in my life where he used to be. I can't begin to express my gratitude to Dr. Lorry for her compassion, kind words, and helping us through one of the most difficult times in our lives. She is a true blessing to this world, and I will be eternally grateful for her.Jocelyn PronovostRiverside, CaliforniaFebruary 27, 2021
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