Khloe Mama Olan
11/14/2015Khloe was a little firecracker. We got her as a puppy from a family who realized that her and their “older” dog did not get along. We instantly fell in love with her. She was the third member of our fur babies and the youngest. My other Boston Terrier and my Lhasa Apso were a bit jealous at first but in no time they were quite the trio. They enjoyed snuggling together on Daddy’s favorite chair (my recliner) and they enjoyed chasing each other around the yard. Khloe had quite the appetite. There was nothing she wouldn’t eat (including her nail trimmings and had a liking for the other dogs poop 🙄) That required us to constantly be outside with the pooper scooper to make sure the yard was clean. She was a cuddler. Also enjoyed being snuggled up beside one of us and in no time snoring like a drunk old man. LoL. She also loved being under the covers at night in our bed with us (Boston Terriers always do this) She was our sweet little baby girl and unfortunately a disease which hindered her within a week gave us the most difficult decision of having to send her to Doggy Heaven way to early. She impacted our lives immensely , she will always be our baby girl. She will be missed dearly. I never realized how hard it would be to part with one of our dogs. My two others know she isn’t here. They sense her absence. That breaks my heart. She will make quite the impression on the other lovely animals in her new home over the rainbow.Edwin OlanLebanon, PennsylvaniaFebruary 27, 2021
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Khloe was so blessed to have had such an amazing and loving family and you were equally blessed to have had her in your lives! You gave her so much love and she gave you all of her love and sweetness in return. May your lovely memories of Khloe bring warmth and peace to your hearts <3Nikki Abdulla - March 3, 2021

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