2/1/2008 - 2/26/2021There is nothing else we can do for him. Take him home and love him all you can.

Words you never want to hear from your veterinarian.

Mojo. The first of his name. Chaser of chipmunks and guardian of the hill. The rock star of cats.

He was our bonus cat. He showed up and adopted us in 2009. A lap cat that just wanted to be loved. And the freedom to go out and kill. Squirrels, rabbits, birds, chipmunks – all fair game in Mojo’s mind. We could never quite tame him. Indoors or out, it was Mojo’s world. We were here to keep the chow bowl filled, rub his belly, and hide the bodies.

We saw the signs. Always a big, muscular boy, he was losing weight. He lost interest in the outdoors. The vet visits started. We tried steroids to stimulate his appetite. It worked for a while. Then he started to bring up his food. We tried medication to settle his stomach. It worked for a while. His fur – his thick, beautiful fur – started thinning out. He began crying out. At the last vet visit, we were told what we already knew but did not want to hear: I’m sorry. There is nothing else we can do for him…..

Rest easy Mojo. We will always love you all we can.
Tammy and Tim SmithCENTER VALLEY, PennsylvaniaFebruary 27, 2021
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Mojo was certainly one of a kind among cats. Even not feeling well, he had a presence that filled the room. He was so deeply loved, and will be dearly missed, and I loved hearing all of the stories of his exploits. He certainly decided that you were his family, and that was that! Run free and rest easy, sweet boy.Amy Parrish - March 16, 2021
Remember all the memories. It is so difficult to loose a member of your household.
If I go while you are still here-
Know that I still live on vibrating to different measure
Behind a thin veil that you cannot see through
You will not see me so you must have faith
I will wait there for the time that we can be together again
Both aware of each other
Until then live the your life to the fullest
And when you need me just whisper my name in your heart
I’ll be there
Brenda Watson - March 1, 2021
It is heartbreaking to lose Mojo. Mojo was not just his name - it was his attitude. He swaggered. He sauntered. I can see him lightin' a Lucky and tippin' his fedora. He was the coolest of cats. His memory is a blessing. Until we meet again ❤Tammy Smith - March 1, 2021

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