Bella Tahrir
2/12/2008 - 2/23/2021Thank you Bella
Thank you for being such a gentle friend to Lu.
Thank you for being such a kind friend to me.
Thank you for your big heart.
Thank you for your big appetite.
Thank you for modeling how to seriously rock white hairs.
Thank you for reacquainting me with what unabashed, rolling on your back, joy and delight looks like.
Thank you for your beautiful self and beautiful life.
I am a better human for having known you and loved you. You widened my mind and heart, and continue to live there. I am so grateful for you. So lucky to know you, to have been touched and shaped by your presence.

Charlotte and Beth, I know you know that Bella could not have had more amazing friends/caretakers/companions/parents than *you* in this lifetime. I know this. How lucky for her and for you to have joined mortal lives. What a painful gift this huge sadness is, filling the dimensions of the huge love between you. Ocean floor-depth honor of your care for her, your nurturing of her life, her days and nights, her body and being. I am seeing a vision and feeling a feeling of wanting to wash your hands with rosemary and other herbs dipped in salt water, washing your strong, sensitive, life-tending, beautiful hands that cared for her always and throughout this extremely hard time. Honoring the roughness and strangeness of scheduling a time to enter into timelessness.

May Bella rest in peace and power, opening up the vault of mystery for you to take refuge. My love is with you in the journey through the valley/sea of grief.

Bella Tahrir! Bella Tahrir! Bella Tahrir!

What is remembered lives.

I was recently taught the Jewish saying: "There is nothing more whole than a broken heart."
in tenderness,

(excerpt from our dear friend Zara's letter)
Charlotte and Beth .Oakland, CaliforniaFebruary 28, 2021
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I feel so lucky to have babysat Bella! She and I made memories together. I’ll never forget the time Bella went with my parents and I to Lands End. My folks were visiting me for Christmas during my 1st year at Mills College, and Bella was there to make those memories all the more special. I have a picture of her with me at Lands End and she has the most blissful grin on her face. May she continue to smile in doggy heaven!Meenakshi Marchione - March 30, 2021
Sweet Bella - you leave us with many memories and moments. I will always remember your love and devotion and care of me and my boys who you were always gentle and caring with and protected them so. You had a big place to fill after Char lost Pocho and were such a great companion to her. I was always amazed at your strength, joy and energy as well as your calm and serenity. The rolls of pure bliss in the ground and the excitement of our walks together will always be with me as well as your silent support when we felt homesick. Thanks for visiting me in my dreams and letting me carry you on my back before letting you walk on on your own.

Big warm hugs and cuddles on your back - Lau, Gökhan, Toto and Olli
Laura Saenz - March 9, 2021
Yes! Bella was a bright light! We share in your loss Charlotte and Beth. May Bella's light continue to shine bright in all the lives she touched.Sheelah Murthy - March 8, 2021
Oh Bella, I’ll never forget our first meeting when you dove into the wet cow patty and I’ve never seen a happier dog/person/creature, really. So so happy to know you, and receive your unconditional love. You are everywhere, now. ❤️🙏🏻🌈Molly Batchelder - March 6, 2021
Remembering your greetings at the door, showing us how friendship eases vulnerability, protection of heart and spirit is a deep gift (cherished naps), and your ways - delightful Bella - of meeting the moment with radical care and lightness. You awakened within us a desire to practice such loving with a companion of our own. We love you Bella and thank you for choosing us, a circle who loves and honors you - we welcome you in our dreams and wish you every freedom.sarah & meg - March 5, 2021
Blessings to you as you transition to the spirit world, dear Bella. Your life has been a wonderful gift to so many and I am so thankful that I got the opportunity to know you, to play with you, to hike with you, to see you watch over those you love with such ferocity, and to live life with such grace and joy. Thank you for being a big cousin to Django and Luna and showing them the ropes. We all learned so much from you! Seeing the deep bond between you and your mom was incredibly special and heartwarming. I feel so lucky to have witnessed the unconditional, unwavering, and abiding love between you two. I have no doubt that you will take all of this love into your next incarnation. Blessings on your journey, beautiful Bella!Sara Salazar - March 5, 2021
Sweet Bella, thank you for trusting me with your transition and for giving your humans so much love. Your spirit was (and is) a healing one. Rest well.Dianicia Kirton - March 4, 2021
That is a beautiful tribute. I'm proud to have known Bella and send love to her first and second mamas and all her friends. May she forever live on in our memories.Scott Chamberlin - March 2, 2021
Oh dear Bella,

I'll remember always our eucalyptus-scented walks through Glen Canyon, your exuberance and joy as you rolled in the glittery dust. Thank you for your sweet company, dearest Bella.

Sending love to Charlotte, Beth, and Ahlstrand.

Brynn Saito - March 2, 2021
Dear Bella, thank you for blessing us with your love and beauty. Grateful to have known you dear BellaAmanda Coslor - March 2, 2021
Dear Bella, thank you for blessing us with your love and beauty. Grateful to have known you dear BellaAmanda Coslor - March 2, 2021
Dear Bella, thank you for blessing us with your love and beauty. Grateful to have known you dear BellaAmanda Coslor - March 2, 2021
Bella came to me as Bella and I added the Arabic word Tahrir for Tahrir Square in Cairo, as a peoples' uprising in Egypt was happening around the time we met. Thus, she was Bella Tahrir, or "Beautiful Liberation" in English. May she, and all beings, be free from suffering. May we all find the joyous delight in ourselves, each other, and the world that she did. My deepest thanks to all the humans who cared for her when I traveled, and to all the people who saw her light and loved her. Bella was unique, irreplaceable, and so generous in her capacity to love. I will always carry you in my heart dearest one.Charlotte Maria Sáenz - March 2, 2021
Oh sweet Bella! Your magnificent and irrepressible presence will be missed. Our hearts go out to Charlotte and Beth for their loss.

Elise and Lauren
Elise Baldwin - March 2, 2021
Dear Bella,

I will always remember you joyfully running on our walks at Fort Funston beach with Charlotte. Those were one of the most magical times I spent in San Francisco and I'm so happy that I got to share it with you. Bella dear Bella, you will be missed beautiful soul.

Çiğdem Michalski - March 1, 2021

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