Vara Vom Heidleberg Schloss
11/4/2004 - 2/27/2021Vara Vom Heidleberg Schloss
11/4/2004- 2/27/2021

I got Vara when she was 18 months old. She was trained schutzhund and certified in tracking and trailing. When I first brought Vara home, she had major slick floor issues, and hated anyone who was a man🤣. I initially thought she was sick, and brought her to the vet. Turns out, Vara was pregnant and expecting 11 puppies within 2 weeks. The kennel I got her from was trying to breed her and didn't know she was pregnant. I thought Vara was WAY too young, but here we were..... Talk about panic. I had zero experience with dog birth and thought that I just dropped her off at the vet when she was in labor...... boy was I wrong. Needless to say, you tube and Google were my best friends. Vara birthed 11 puppies, two didn't make it. She was so young and didn't want anything to do with her puppies, luckily my Police K9 Udin helped her out and showed her how to feed all of those hungry pups. The pups all went to really awesome homes (I screened all of the potential doggy families and didn't release pups until 10-12 weeks....I was a bit paranoid and wanted them all to have their shots)

Vara went on to have a great life. I even got her a puppy of her own, Anja about 5 years after her having puppies. Anja is her best friend and cohort in crime. They steal food together, bark together and sometimes even poop inside together..... Anja will miss her "mamma"

In 2013 Vara decided to take my daughter Allisun on a 10k run around Brentwood. She ended up being hit by a car on a very busy road. When Alli tried to help her out of the road, she bit her pretty good. Vara was hit on her left side hind quarter. Her left leg was pretty shattered and we didn't know what her fate was. Dr Scott at Brentwood Family Pet Care was fantastic in putting her back together and keeping her leg.

Unfortunately, that accident didn't bode well for her hips. Over time her left leg began to fail and Vara could not longer jump, although she sure did try. That was ok with us. She was still our mamma dog. Over the last year she has rapidly declined. Her hip had failed and she has fallen quite a few times. First it started on the two stairs of our deck that she had to scale when going out to potty. She was on and off meds, CBD, anti inflammatory meds, pain name it. Facing reality I knew none of the drugs were going to help the problems of her leg and hip dysplasia she was facing. The meds masked her pain at best, but really didn't help her mobility. Lots if advice from well meaning fellow fur families, but nothing really helped.

This last week had been extremely rough. Vara's hips and leg started failing even more than before. She took a very hard fall on Wednesday and never recovered. She has been scooting in a circle on her bottom, attempting to stand but falling every time. She got up this morning and was walking with a huge limp but had to stop and sit, and resorted to scooting again. She looked at me with the saddest of eyes, telling me she was just done.

I made her a breakfast of eggs, sausage and potatoes. We hugged and loved her all day, washed her special blankey and she had a 5 star dinner at 3pm. The doctor came to our home at 5pm to assist her in crossing over the rainbow bridge. I'm glad she's not in pain anymore. I hope she is running and getting treats from my dad up there. Selfishly I wish I could have kept her longer. She was my girl, been through so so much and always by my side.

I didn't deserve her. I hope I gave her the best life. She will be so missed.
Lisa and Brian CAPOCCILexington, South CarolinaFebruary 28, 2021
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