11/15/2009 - 2/27/2021Sadie got her angel wings after 11 beautiful years on this earth. She was a sweet dog that loved everyone she met. Every time someone came to the house, she would greet them at the door with her latest favorite toy. She saw her mother, Vickie, through every single deployment her father, Russ, had to go on. She was a great companion during long deployments and made Vickie feel protected. When Russ had health issues two years ago, Sadie would sit up with him on the couch all night long when he was in too much pain to sleep. She cared a great deal for her family and was the most precious girl we could have ever hoped for. Her passing has left a void in our home, but we keep fond memories of her in our hearts that we will carry forever.Vickie and Russ GreatwoodSuffolk, VirginiaFebruary 28, 2021
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Our sweet granddog Sadie has peacefully passed and is now at eternal rest. When we went to visit her to say our goodbyes, she somehow found the strength to greet us at the door along with her favorite toy just like she always had. And then again as we were leaving, she came outside to say goodbye to Grandma and Grandpa one final time. We will be forever grateful that our daughter Vickie and son-in-law Russ had such a beacon of love and strength to help them through some of their most challenging moments. We will miss Sadie's physical presence in our lives, but will have fond memories of her forever. And we know she's not alone. All of the family dogs that went before her - Peanuts, Pinda, Snickers, Jack, and Tootie - were there to greet her and "show her around".Jerry & Lidie Matthews - March 1, 2021
Sadie will always be remembered for her sweet demeanor . I loved visiting because she would greet me with a toy and a nose boop. Sadie got my lobster through some very tough times and was the best companion. Small in stature, big in personality, she left paw prints on the hearts of so many. Love you, Sadie girl!

Auntie Greta
Greta Kephart - March 1, 2021
Farewell sweet Sadie girl! You’ve been such a sweet and loyal pup. We can’t thank you enough for all of your loving snuggles and happy butt wiggles.Whitney Marchand - March 1, 2021
Sadie was my sweetest little girl. She was always such a fun loving dog. I have so many fond memories it's hard for me to describe just one.
Two years ago I had a very rough year. I had throbbing internal pain in my feet that I didn't understand. It got so bad that I couldn't even sleep. Upon testing the Doctors found that I had type one diabetes and that the pain in my feet was due to poor circulation. My blood sugar was so high that my blood was not properly reaching my feet and left me with permanent nerve damage. Upon further testing it was also discovered that I had thyroid cancer. I had many sleepless nights that followed, but Sadie never left my side. I would be up all night pacing, stretching, and rubbing my legs and feet. Sadie was always there for all of this. She truly considered herself our protector. She was such a caring and matriarchal dog.
Fast fwd six months and I had my thyroid removed. I was at the hospital for two days so they could monitor a few things. When I got home I was of course greeted excitedly by our pups, and Sadie welcomed me home with a toy in her mouth, and lots of crying and butt shakes. The next day was a huge NFL game. My KC Chiefs were in the playoffs, and they had to overcome a huge deficit to have a come from behind victory! Throughout the game I was exclaiming at all the big plays, and hooting and hollering. Sadie always loved to be with us while we watched football. Any clapping or cheering always got her so excited. She kept jumping up on the leg rest of my recliner, so excited to see her dad whooping up for the game. I actually was getting so excited that my wife and dad in law had to tell me to chill out so I didn't open my incision on my throat!! Thru all of this Sadie was prancing around the room, jumping on the couch, and generally loving all of the excited energy. She always was a huge football fan 🙂.
Sadie was the most precious dog and will never be replaced. I will always remember her as my sweet baby girl, who loved her family and loved her toys. She had such a tender and caring personality. We truly were so lucky that she chose us. She will always be remembered with a warm smile.
Russ Greatwood - March 1, 2021

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