2/26/2005 - 2/27/2021Rest peacefully, angel puppy.
We got Diesel when I was ten years old, and when he was eight weeks old. After years and years of begging my parents (pretty relentlessly), they finally agreed to adopt a dog. When we arrived at the puppy room in North Shore Animal League I felt like I was in heaven- so many puppies, and one of them was going to come home with me! We picked up a small black puppy, and he peed on my mom. That’s how he knew he was ours.
Diesel taught me more about dogs than I have learned in any text book, any dog training course, or any of my dog related jobs combined. His reactivity toward other dogs sparked my interest in dog behavior. When our vet said he looks to be part “pit bull”, I started my journey in animal advocacy. Most importantly, Diesel taught me patience, how to love unconditionally, and how to enjoy the little things. No matter who Diesel met, he treated them the same- with a huge smile and pure joy. He loved pausing to the catch the breeze during his walks, and sunbathing in his favorite spot in the living room. He loved swimming, finding the thickest mud to roll in during our hikes, and our trips to the coffee house.
Diesel lived his 16 years surrounded by love, and exuding love. We will always miss him, and we all have something to learn from him.
Sarah BonomoOssining, New YorkMarch 1, 2021
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