4/6/2006 - 2/27/2021Bringing you home almost 15 years is still so fresh in our minds. You were 6 weeks old and the first we set eyes on you we knew you were the one for us. Here we are having to say goodbye and our hearts ache beyond comprehension, the love you brought us and everyone you ever met is truly immeasurable. The pictures and stories keep rolling in, from people who only meant you once, to people were as touched by you as we were. We miss everything about you, from your big ears, your huge grin,, to your tight, endless hugs, and while we will miss those things we have solice in knowing that you are in a better place, free from the pain and suffering. We want to be selfish and keep you to ourselves forever but we know that God has plans for you to run free with all your friends and that we will see you in all your glory when we meet you again. We will go camping, hiking, play frisbee, chill on the patio or simply go for a drive around the neighborhood, but for now we can only keep you in our hearts and memories.

We gave you a great life but make no mistake about it, we are the ones who truly benefited by being a part of your life, and we are much
better people for that. You showed us unconditional love, affection and patience, you truly were an angel.

We will miss you forever,

Dad, mom, Brendan and Alex.
Michael HodelMonroe township, New JerseyMarch 1, 2021
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Hiya baby boy. Your birthdays coming up.. sweet 16. Spent the last month and some days reminiscing every day on your memories and missing your more as time goes on. Something reminds me of you every day and sometimes It even feels like you're still here, if only for a moment. Until we meet again zeus, ❤

P.s look out for Winston. He's a little French bulldog who crossed the Rainbow Bridge a few days ago.. he could use a friend up there.
Alexandria hodel - April 1, 2021
It has been almost a month since we had to say goodbye to you, and not a day goes by that I don't think of you and the joy you brought us all. I am constantly looking for you around the house, and every day at 5:00pm I am reminded that it is your dinner time. The empty space near the back door is a constant reminder that you are not here, we all still look there often, because that was your place to relax and bask in the sun.

People still reach out to me about how much you meant to them, and how much they will forever miss you as we do, pictures of you with people, and cards continue to arrive at the house, a true testament that you were not just a pet, but that you were "family" to so many people.

My heart will forever ache of your loss, the mere thought of you brings all of the memories right back, memories that bring a smile to my face, and a deep sense of loss to my heart and soul. You were special to me in so many ways, a friend that always loved me, no matter how bad a day I was having.

Thank you Zeus for being with me for all the years, the good ones and the bad ones alike. You truly were a blessing and an angel.

Run, play and be as you were meant to be.....free!!

Love Dad
Michael Hodel - March 23, 2021
I could see right away that Zeus was an incredible boy and certainly could not have had a better family. Rest in peace sweet Zeus.Sam Kuhles - March 5, 2021
Our hearts ache not having you here with us, this was your home, you were our family. We will miss you forever, but forever our memories will last. Run Zeusy run....play, roll in the grass, be as you were meant to be.....free! I will forever miss you.

Michael Hodel - March 4, 2021
Hey, darlin' boy. You filled a large hole in our family, a space we didn't even know existed until you came along and plopped your puppy self in. Now you've gone on to your well deserved rest, snuggling up to Grandpa Ray and meeting all your cousins who greeted you at the puppy gate: Bailey, Sweetheart, JD, Beana, Fuzz, and so many others who have the throw balls all goobered up and ready for you. We will meet again...keep the rainbow bridge open. Love, Grandma LouMary Lou Silvander - March 4, 2021
Zues was a great pup. I wish I had been around for more of his younger day, but even being lucky enough to be there for the year I was there with Zeus were amazing. I love how much effort went in to keeping him a Zues area so he could get around on the hardwood. That alone is more than most would do. You did a great job with Zues and I know he was happy! I love you guys and Zues.Chris McLaughlin - March 3, 2021
My heart aches not having you here, but my memories of you and the joy you brought us all will be with me forever. My dear Zeusy, we love you, miss you dearly, and wish you peace and empty fields to run and play.Michael Hodel - March 2, 2021
SHARON RENAUX - March 2, 2021
Zeus, you were an amazing dog. While everyone is sad about you leaving, we take solace that you are in doggy heaven, full of tennis balls, treats and all the grass to run and play on.The Russo's - March 2, 2021
Run free baby boy. You're with us every day and we will never forget you. Eat all the popcorn your heart desires and roll in all the fresh green grass. We love you, Forever ❤.Alexandria Hodel - March 2, 2021

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