5/2/1998 - 9/22/2014“Bacon -N- The Cheese” was our special boy!

Bacon is 1 in a million, every cat owners dream. He was the most loving, cuddly and happy puss ever!

Everyone in the neighborhood knew and loved Bacon. He touched the heart & soul of everyone that knew him. He never turned away from anyone showing love. He would rollover & look at you with his sweet face and let you touch him or do whatever for as long as you wanted.

The neighborhood children loved to visit Bacon; they all knew his sweet & gentle nature.
One neighbor would drive by everyday real slow to look at my boy. She always had the biggest smile on her face. Bacon brought everyone joy.

The beautiful markings on his coat tell the story of “Bacon”. He has a heart pattern on the front of his chest, and a big heart on the left side of his body. His right side has Mickey Mouse Ears.

Bacon was such an important part of our family. We will never ever forget this incredible puss that touched some many people’s lives!

We love you so much & miss you terribly Buddy! RIP
Diane KlineSeminole, FloridaSeptember 28, 2014
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We miss you Bacon! Every day mommy still thinks of you. You were such a sweet boy & I will never forget the special love you brought to our family. Feasty is still looking for you, and he misses you terribly. Daddy & I try to give Feasty extra love, but he wants his Bacon N' the Cheese!
We love you so much Buddy! RIP
Diane Kline - November 25, 2014
Everyday you are in my thoughts. I miss you so much buddy :( The other day a neighbors little kitten wandered over to our home & now he visits daily. He has discovered our cat loving home. Daddy gave him a name already. His name is Gilligan. He is a silly little puss. You would have loved him. He is very loving and sweet too.
Diane Kline - October 30, 2014
Hi Buddy,

I love looking at your pictures. You were such a happy & loving puss to the end.

Miss you Bacon!
Diane Kline - October 16, 2014
Hi Buddy,

It's been 3 weeks since you have passed. Things are going about the same. Daddy & I miss you so much. Feasty is still waiting for you to come out and play. We think of you every day!

Your flowers are doing excellent. Every single bud has bloomed and it is absolutely beautiful. Just like you buddy!! Love you Bacon :)
Diane Kline - October 13, 2014
I miss you so much Bacon. I know you don't want mommy to be sad, but I can't help it! You were such an amazing cat and brought so much happiness to our family. Things are just not the same without you!

Feasty is still looking for you too! He loves you & misses you terribly.

I hope you like your resting spot. I think it is beautiful. You deserve the best Buddy! RIP
Diane Kline - October 7, 2014
Hi Buddy,

Yesterday your grave stone arrived. Mommy & daddy placed it on your grave right away. Your resting place is now finished & it looks so beautiful.

Bacon, we miss you so much. Every day momma still cries. You were the most incredible cat.

We were so blessed to have you touch our lives. There will never be another Bacon, mommy & daddy know that for sure.

Bye my sweet Bacon N The Cheese. We love you!
Diane Kline - October 3, 2014
Miss you baconsam bryant - September 29, 2014
Sweet Bacon, It has been one week since you have passed. It is still so hard for the momma & daddy. Feasty still looks for you every morning. He misses you so much too! Saturday I finished your resting place. I placed beautiful mums that look like daisies on your grave. I ordered your grave stone & it is so beautiful too! You are resting in the best place. Mommy & daddy can see you every day from the family room & bedroom :) RIP precious.Diane Kline - September 29, 2014

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