7/1/1999 - 10/30/2014On behalf of the Johnson Family and myself, I wanted to thank Lap of Love and Dr. Barry for taking care of Aggie at the end of her life. Lap of Love was also there for our family in August 2011 when my dog Neenee's life was coming to an end. No words to describe your kindness or our gratitude.

The man posted in the photo here with Aggie - was my first husband, Bo. He was the original owner of both Neenee and Aggie. He died in 2004 at the age of 30. We were left with quite a few of his dogs, as he was a dog lover. Aggie was the last one in the pack...

Aggie was preceded in death by Gypsy (Aggie's sister), and Ruger, two other dogs that were originally owned by Bo and had lived with and were cared for by his parents for many, many years.

Rest in peace Aggie Johnson. This sweet girl hung around for 15 amazing years. She was a quirky, skittish, and funny dog. So good with the kids. But mostly a loving companion to the Johnsons (Bo's parents). She's resided with the Johnsons all these years, since getting hit by a car and retiring from hunting when she was young.

She was my favorite dog to dress up for Halloween...she paraded herself around proudly in her costumes. She was a cheerleader and a princess, in past years. She was one of the smallest, fastest dogs we had. She ran like a deer. If you let her, she would sleep on your pillow on your head. The stories are many. She's joined the rest of her pack and is in good hands I know. Gonna miss that funny girl.

We thank you again Lap of Love for all you do.
Andrea SauvageotPinellas Park, FloridaNovember 11, 2014
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We are saddened by your loss, please know you are in our thoughts m prayers. My your precious memories of your Aggie, bring you a little comfort. love you both.❤️Betty Ann n Nick Deshullo - November 12, 2014

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