3/15/2012 - 11/11/2014Dear Noodle, Boo, Slobber chops, Wibbly Bibbly and the many other silly names we called you.
The house is quiet and somber without you here, there is no huge lump at the end of our bed forcing us to sleep around you.
We miss your singing, your delicate kisses and even your early morning wake ups to need nothing at all.
we miss your sweet sweet face, your funny habits and your drool.
i wrote a poem for you a long time ago

The great grey dane, called a silly name,
watching Noodle sleep causes me no great ashamed,
every twitch, mumble and nauseous gas that escapes,
has me in rapture and hairs raise on my nape,
Boo, Bubba, Bub, my puppy love,
i hold you as my child in all that is above.
Alexandra Fabeschlas vegas, NevadaNovember 13, 2014
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Dear Noodle,
I am happy you are over the rainbow and frolicking as only you can. You will be remembered forever. I'm not sure why you were here for just a very short time. But I do know you were loved by the best Mum and Dad ever.
Gail Maxwell - November 15, 2014
Run free on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge. When you meet up with our Ginger, say hello, cuddle up with her and know that we miss and love both of you. See you again someday. We know you will be waiting.Jim & Tiffini Carollo - November 15, 2014
Run free with all our loved ones over the bridge.
The Johnston pack
Harrell, Micki, Boo, Titan and Piper
Harrell Johnston - November 15, 2014
RIP pretty Noodle♡♡♡Elizabeth Browning - November 14, 2014
All Dogs go to heaven, so say hi to my Maxi for me Noodle!Rob Pitman - November 14, 2014
Noodle, may you run free and bask in the sunshine across the rainbow bridge. You were loved and will be missed by many, even those that never met you face to face.Kristy Dumont - November 14, 2014
Dearest Noodle - fly fast over the bridge and if you are there, please romp with my Michael. Also, dear boy, you know your mom and dad love you wherever you are. Even though they are hurting right now they do know that you are all right. Come back to them in dreams. Let them know you are still their Noodle.Deb Manheim - November 14, 2014
we will miss your stories and sweet sweet face, Noodle. Rest easy, big boy. Much love and hugs, Eva, Dale, all the kids, and Stanley. XoxoEva nicotera - November 14, 2014
Hugs and blessings, Noodle, to you from me and all my furkids - both here and there.Doris Huneycutt - November 13, 2014
Sweet Dreams Noodle, hope you're as goofy up there as you were down here! Paw prints on our hearts!Joanne Farrimond - November 13, 2014
Run free and fearless sweet boy. You are loved and missed, but I know you still walk by their side xxxxxAnnemarie Fabesch - November 13, 2014
Even tho we never met in person, you were still a huge part of our lives. You brought many smiles to lots of people. I'm Hoping you and Boomer found each other at the bridge and now chase squirrels pain free. Miss your face big fella! Love and prayers to the family you now guard as an angel.atherton pack - November 13, 2014
I'm really sad that you lost Noodle. : ( He was a gentle giant.Terry Vourdubakis - November 13, 2014
Sorry u had to leave ur beautiful home I'm sure u will be missed R.I.PKaty garcia - November 13, 2014
Thinking of you. May your memory live on in those who loved you.heather and leroy sprinkelyocom - November 13, 2014
You brought lots of love and laughter to Alex and Larry. Bless you NoodleChris Fabesch - November 13, 2014
Helen, Ilean and the rest of our family are so sorry for your loss. As much room as they take up on our beds, they leave even bigger holes in our hearts when gone.Carpenter - November 13, 2014
Sending loving prayers for God's Precious Gift to us all. And especially in remembering your precious Noodle. His love lives forever!Bea Perez - November 13, 2014
We will always remember Noodle for the fun and joy he brought into your lives - he couldn't have had more loving parents. XXXJulie Fabesch - November 13, 2014
May this light your way to the Rainbow Bridge! Run free and happy dear Noodle.Theresa Gearin - November 13, 2014
Your wonderful photos will be missed but you will never be forgotten

Much love

Karen, Montana Blue, Wrath & Fritz

Run free Noodle xxx

"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened. ” - Anatole France
Karen Lakin - November 13, 2014
Love and hugs. Deb, Mags, Jane and foster Onyx. ♡Debbie Thompson - November 13, 2014
Sweet noodle!! I will miss seeing your updates but I know you are all better now. Watch over mama...I know she's missin you!!!Megan Hahn - November 13, 2014

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