1/23/2001 - 11/16/2014My Sasha, you chose me as your mommy at the tender age of 8 weeks young. Brought you home and from the beginning you were the sweetest most kindest and loving dog anyone could ever ask for. You did chew through some carpets, socks, paper towels and got into the garbage once in a while. Took me almost 2 years to potty train you ... typical of beagles to be stubborn little ones. You were with me through happy and challenging times.
You were loved by everyone and you certainly were quite the social one and very popular on social media.
You were part of our family and we miss you so so much. We know you're no longer in pain though. Run free my sweet Sasha, behave ok and until we meet again, you will Furever be in our hearts!! Thank you so much for the unconditional love and wonderful memories!!!!
I love you and miss you
RIP baby girl
Michelle AlvareBlackwood, New JerseyNovember 17, 2014
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Dear Sasha, I found you on instagram because I follow alot of beagles because I miss my beaglemix, Girl, rip 060214. I saw you had left your Mommy too and I followed and can see how much she misses you but that she is strong and doing good. I'm sorry you had to leave her and your family. RIP Sasha!anna walker - December 16, 2014
Sasha, thank you for your life and love. You were beautiful and wonderful and Comet and I were blessed to have known you even for such a short time. We love you and we will keep praying for God's comfort to wrap around your mom every day reminding her of your love.

Lulette and Comet

P.S. Pls. say hi to Bruce for me. He's a very friendly and playful black lab.
Lulette Gehron - November 18, 2014
In loving memory of our sweet boy Jordan. We love and miss you every day.Kim Rivera - November 18, 2014
Although I didn't get the chance to meet you in person I'm sure you were full of life.... May you continue to look over the ones that love you dearly..... May you be at peace....RIP........Charles Harris - November 17, 2014
Oh Sasha sweet baby. You will be missed by the people who loved you. Knowing that you are now running free over the rainbow bridge will bring joy to many hearts. I light this candle for you so you can continue seeing the way.Litsa Stamos - November 17, 2014
Dear Sasha, you were a real piece of sugar and a loyal friend for Michelle, we don´t know where you are, but we are sure you are happy, take care baby! Thanks for being a little earth angel.Rossana Alvarez - November 17, 2014
Sasha, you were a beautiful beagle and will be greatly missed. I will definitely miss seeing all of your photos and your journeys with your mommy, Michelle. Rest in peace, sweet girl.Sunny Pho - November 17, 2014
To my Sasha Bear,

We were so blessed to have you in our family. You brought us so much joy and leave us with so many wonderful memories. The image of you chasing Max throughout the house after his popsicles and food brings a smile to my face. The smile on Maxs face when he was successful at sneaking food under the table to you is priceless. I will never forget how you always were so over protective of Max when he was a baby, if he cried you ran over to him and made sure he was ok. There is no doubt in my heart that he will miss his Sasha. You were such a good dog and we loved you very much. Thank you sweet girl for taking those last steps to walk up the stairs for us, showing us all how much courage you have. Saying goodbye was heartbreaking but I know you are happy and running free. R.I.P SASHIE!!!!!

Your Auntie Karla, Marshall and Max
Karla Pray - November 17, 2014
Sweet Sasha. I can tell by that beautiful tribute your mommy wrote that she loved you so much and you touched her life and soul as so many good, kind pets do. I can also tell from all the pictures how much you loved your mommy. Unconditional, selfless love. You will truly be missed by so many. My poochie Charlie sends his love and condolences to your mommy. It is a sad time right now but deep down we all know you are in a happy place with unlimited space to run and unlimited things to chew on. Prayers and love Michelle...

Love, Katie McCurley
Katie McCurley - November 17, 2014
Sasha was very lucky to be loved and cared and her mom was even more lucky to have such a good baby. With love to both! ZZulma Hernandez - November 17, 2014
R.I.P Sasha! You will be missed by your mom and others, including me, who have grown to know you from your mom's pics.Darius (Landonp87) Pittman - November 17, 2014
Although I never met you in person, lovely Sasha, I learned about you thru pics. You had the sweetest face and your eyes were always so expressive and told a wonderful story. Now, that you are free of pain and suffering, you can enjoy all the things you used to do when you were a young pup! No more pain little girl, run free and play with my furry babies (Prince, Lily, Bert, Buddy) up in heaven! Your mom loved you so much and we learned to love you too, thru her. Until we see all of you again!
Love you!
Lorena McLellan - November 17, 2014
To my Dearest Sasha, today I woke up and you were no longer physically with me but your presence is strong in my heart!
You will forever live in my heart and thoughts and the memories we made together will never be forgotten.
Go run free and eat all you want. I know you're quire the social butterfly and know you have made lots of friends already.
The candle I am lighting for you is so that you will always be able to remember mommy and know that I am ok. We will meet one day again and I can't wait to hold you again.

I love you my Sasha!!!!!
Love, your mommy!!!
Michelle Alvarez - November 17, 2014

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