4/17/2002 - 1/10/2015After being diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma on July 15, 2014, our baby boy, Jasper, was brought to the Rainbow Bridge on Saturday, January 10, 2015. His beautiful spirit passed quietly and peacefully at home with his mommy and daddy, his baby sister, Sophie, and his baby brother, Philippe, by his side.

Although the last 6 months have been very special as we walked with him on this difficult journey, we will always remember the fun and happy times we shared with him over the past 12 and a half years - swims at Round Valley Reservoir; hikes at Sourland Mountain, Hacklebarney, and Jockey Hollow; dog park visits to see his canine friends - especially Joey Hayes; and quiet times at home hanging out with his family.

We feel very lucky to have had Jasper in our lives during all those years. He was a fun playmate, a protective older brother, a loyal companion, an eager little helper, and a true best friend. His caring and compassionate soul and gregarious spirit are what made everyone love him.

Goodbye for now, baby boy. We ask that you always be with us in spirit until we meet again on the Rainbow Bridge. We love you with every beat of our hearts.
Annette and John SkiendzielHillsborough, New JerseyJanuary 15, 2015
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So sorry I didn't meet you, but I know you were deeply loved.
Lucy Bo - October 7, 2016
Rest in peace Jasp. You are missed very much❤️ You were the greatest pup. So thoughtful, loving, sweet & loyal. I know your spirit will surround Aunt Annette, Uncle John, Sophie & all of us. I hope you're somewhere swimming around in water! Until we meet again.... We love youMelissa Kelleman - January 31, 2015
We will miss you Jasper..Stacy Chivers - January 21, 2015
Oh Jasper. I'm so glad I got to meet you. Such a happy & playful puppy; and ofcourse I loved you too in that moment. You were always on my mind when Mommy 1st said you were sick. But no more pain now for all us, but there 's an empty space in our hearts now that no one could ever fill. But know that mommy, daddy, Sophie, & Phillipe will always love you. And we'll all be together again one day. So I hope you get to meet up with my dad, my Momma, & Spooky because there's plenty of room on that old couch of ours for you too. XOXOLana Michaylira - January 18, 2015
Jasper was such a sweetheart! He was a pleasure to work with for the past 6 months and will be greatly missed.Dorothy Jackson - January 18, 2015
Jasper was a special, loving, loyal, appreciative, and happy member of your family. I loved spending time with him and Sophie, he was full of joy and sweetness. We will miss him , truly, he was a friend, and we'll never forget him. He will always be in our hearts.
We share in your sadness, and hope, with time, your loving memories of Jasper will bring you comfort. ❤️
Jani and Rich Hayes - January 17, 2015
Jasper was a sweet and lovable dog .Love and peace to you, Jasper. You'll be missed.....

Lot of love to you Annette, John, ....
Miguel & Mirta Gonzalez - January 16, 2015
Jasper was a beautiful and friendly part of the family. I know that Jasper will be missed but know that his spirit is still with you. I'm sure that Sophie will feel him near as well.Evelyn Skiendziel - January 16, 2015
We will miss the big galoot. He was the ever-present welcoming committee when visiting your house.Joe Vincze - January 15, 2015
Hugs to you all. Rest in peace Jasper, you were such a loving, beautiful boy!Joyce Czerwinski - January 15, 2015
So sorry for your loss Aunt Annette. <3 Jasper will be missed by many people, he was a great dog with a wonderful spirt. I'm sure wherever he is he is cancer free and enjoying his days with Maggie and Bubba! Love you guys, keep strong!Patrick Snyder - January 15, 2015
I will miss you Jasper, my world will not be the same without you!Rich M - January 15, 2015
I'm sorry I never got the chance to meet you, Jasper - from what I've heard, you were an awesome pup! You hung in there like a trooper over these last six months and brought so much joy to your family over the last 12 years. To say you'll be missed is a huge understatement. See you on the other side, my friend. <3Patty Youngclaus - January 15, 2015
Jasper was so sweet and lovable and was one of my favorite canine good citizens.

Love and peace to you, Jasper. You'll be missed.

And love to you Annette, John, Sophie, and Philippe - Jasper was lucky to have such a loving home.
Lauren Healey - January 15, 2015
Jasper was a wonderful dog. He was always playful, sweet and gentle.
Billy and Timmy have wonderful memories of him also.
We know he's up in heaven romping around at peace.
June Christensen - January 15, 2015
Remember the fun and happy times Jasper brought to your lives over the years.

"Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal"
Victor Skiendziel - January 15, 2015
I'll miss you jasper. It won't be the same without you. Love you Aunt Annette, Uncle John, Sophie, and Philippe <3Heather Kelleman - January 15, 2015
I'll miss you jasper. It won't be the same without you. Love you Aunt Annette, Uncle John, Sophie, and Philippe <3Heather Kelleman - January 15, 2015

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