Jax Aka Jackee O
3/8/1999 - 1/15/2015Jax', Jackee O of Rosa, and the Princess of Pinercrest-a truly one of a kind Dalmatian!

We were so very blessed to have you enter our life and fill our hearts with love for almost sixteen years. You were our loyal little girl, and a major part of our family. We can only hold on to the fact you never suffered, and you were at your home in our arms when you told us it was your time. We always want you to be safe and warm. We chose to honor you and spend even more time than usual as you aged, and I hope that was a comfort to you. You gave us so very much, and were our sunshine. You will never be forgotten, and you hold such a place in our hearts with your unconditional love. We must some how learn to be thankful for all the days we had we had with you, to soften the pain of losing you. Our tears have not stopped falling yet, we are missing you so.
Thank you Jax' for watching us over us your entire life, look down on us from Heaven and know how much your loved for comfort.
You have our heart, mommy and daddy xoxo
Scott & Carol Ann DolinsekSanta Rosa, CaliforniaJanuary 19, 2015
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Thinking of you so sorry for the loss of Jax
Mary Griffin - July 11, 2015
Scott and Carol, May your feelings of sadness and loss be replaced by 16 years of fond memories.Steve p - January 23, 2015
Jackie will be missed very much, you were such a wonderful family. The first time I met Jackie, Carol was 'making' her snack bags. To bake goodies and package them for the next adventure shows how truly loved she was and still is. Jackie, take care of your family from your new home.Rachel Albee - January 23, 2015
My little spotted sister... a sweet and spoiled girl with the most caring and protective instincts I have ever seen. I wish I were home to spend time with her before the end but I know she is watching over us all. she was adored by everyone that met her and endlessly loved by the entire family.
gonna miss you pup, every time I come home to visit, every time I have scraps on my plate, every time I find a white hair on my clothes. a huge part of the family and you will always have a big chunk of my heart.
Rest in peace sweet girl, we love you and miss you
-Big Brother
Steven Dolinsek - January 23, 2015
Our spotted neighbor has moved on but good memories we will always have. She loved taking Scott and Carol on walks, she knew it was good for them... She was the best neighbor dog anyone could have had. And talk about loved and pampered...oh yeah she was a happy dog!Bradley Mark - January 23, 2015
I will miss Jackie running around Carol's back yard when I visit and giving her treats for going to the bathroom. Jax is gone but will never be forgotten.Penny Loughran - January 22, 2015
Jackie was a very lucky dog indeed. She was so loved, adored, and yes, spoiled in a good way, by Carol and Scott. I wish all pets could have such a wonderful life. She loved her yard, her trips to Graeagle with swims in the lake, and her organic green bean, baby carrot and blueberry treats. She loved the snow, and happily joined us when we snow shoed.

Jax did not have a mean bone in her body. She sweetly tolerated when my little dog Colby came to visit. I can't even recall her barking at anything. I do believe though, that if an intruder tried to do harm to Carol or Scott, Jackie would have risen up to the occasion and gone after them with ferocity. She was so physically strong even in her later years. I remember borrowing her once, to bring with me when I walked the trails around Spring Lake. A big musclebound man walked towards us with a large bully dog. I held her on a short lead to make sure it didn't harm Jax, and started to relax as it passed, but she suddenly lunged in their direction, almost pulling me off my feet. I could hardly hold her back. She didn't do anything, but she was watching them with an eagle eye. This wasn't like her, but I think she sensed danger, and was trying to protect me.

I will miss her so when I go to visit Carol and Scott. I am so used to seeing her curled up in her favorite chair or peeking out of her deluxe dog house. It is heartbreaking to lose our loved ones. She was an important and cherished member of the family. She gave so much unconditional love. It is always worth the vet bills, the worry, the lost sleep, and the pain in our hearts.

I loved you Miss Jackio O--the prettiest dog I know.
Susan Chase - January 21, 2015
I was so honored to help your family with Jax. She was part of your family and I know it was a very difficult decision. XOXORene Butler DVM - January 20, 2015

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