Sam (sambo, Sammy) Doll
5/16/1997 - 1/15/2015Sam (Sambo, Sammy) Doll, 05/1997 - 01/15/2015

Sam wrapped her paws around our hands and hearts as a catten at the Jacksonville Humane Society, on January 17, 1998. She, of course, knew we were “the ones” for her and wasted no time in quickly adopting us. What we didn’t know is that she (and we) would be blessed with nearly eighteen spunky years of a most full life together, experiencing the joy of her highly energetic playing (feathers, shopping bags, boxes, “mouses”, ping pong balls, wrapping paper, ribbons and bows, milk container rings, upside down umbrellas, Christmas trees); loud purring; closely supervising her parents’ work inside the house; catnip “highs”; enjoying squirrel, bird, and deer theater from every windowsill in the house; nightly lap time; watching over her parents’ sleeping (best accomplished by sleeping with, or on, them); and, serving as the furry alarm clock every morning with a strong set of lungs. Sam yearned to travel at an early age, keeping a suitcase ready with a snack-pack of “mouses” to join her in fantasy adventures (“they fit in a quart-size bag, right?”) (see picture). Participating in an 11-hour hurricane evacuation road trip as a young adult cat, however, was soon followed by an unwavering stay-at-home approach for the remainder of her adult life.

What we also didn’t know during our love-filled years with Sam was that her life would ultimately end with one final adventure, on the most beautiful rainbow. A rainbow is created when very specific conditions exist and interactions occur between light and water. On January 15th, in our home, the water was born of our collective tears—of appreciation and memories of a life that gave unconditional love, and of sadness for a life that will be missed and never replaced. The (sun) light emanated from Dr. Katie, whose unique blend of patience, empathy, compassion, knowledge, and skills, removed the dark. Thank you, Dr. Katie, for the rare and precious gift of holding all of our hearts while escorting our furry child Sam to the Rainbow Bridge.
Karey DollJacksonville, FloridaJanuary 25, 2015
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The Cat Clinic loves and misses Sammy Jo.Spencer Hayward - August 21, 2015

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