1/6/2015Daisy was a stray hungry puppy when she found our family. When she followed my daughter home from school, my first reaction was no way! With a firm voice I told my kids, we are not keeping a Rottweiler, well that was 20 years ago. She taught me my first lesson back then “Never judge a book by its cover”. I remember when Daisy would wait for the kids to come home from school greeting them with her wagging tail and the kids were so happy to see her. Lesson # 2 she made us smile. Lesson # 3 she was better than an expensive alarm system. Lesson #4 she watch over my kids wherever they played. When my grandchildren were born she did the same for them. She jumped into the pool once when the grandkids pretended they were drowning. And she still loved them. She would laid down next to me keeping me company while I would work in my garden. She kept the coyotes away from my chickens at night. She would greet everyone one by one who came to our backyard parties, and stayed up until the last guest left. She taught me so many lessons through the years, always there with her listening eyes. She devoted so many years of love, protection and companionship to our family. So when the time came to say good-bye to our dear old Daisy dog it was a very difficult for all of us, we so selfishly wanted her to stay longer but her old bones were hurting and she was going blind. Daisy passed peacefully on 1/6/15 at home in her comfy bed surround by her human family and her dog-friend Bruce. It was the least we could do for her since she has enriched our lives with her unconditional love. We cried softly watching her take her last breath and we could feel her little soul fly away to heaven. Rest in peace my dear old Daisy, I miss you so very much, your memory will live in our family forever.Cynthia AvilaInland Empire, CaliforniaJanuary 25, 2015
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We love and miss you Daisy, thanks for dedicating your life to protecting, caring, and loving our family.Crispin Barajas - January 28, 2015
cindy avila - January 25, 2015

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