8/10/1996 - 1/26/2015Treasure (named by my 2 yr old son at the time) was a dog in a cats body. He loved nothing better than a good roll in the dirt, followed by a nap on the deck. He was a guard cat, and felt that his home was to be guarded at all times. He roamed the neighborhood, and lost so many pet license collars that I finally gave up buying them. He made it through 4 moves to different homes, I knew this last move would be hard on him as he was much older. That said, he made friends with "Fred" (a black cat - we just called him Fred) and "Carl" (blond cat same naming situation). Treasure would wait out on the sidewalk hoping one or the other would stop by. We miss him every day, the quiet house is so unusual. He passed with Carlin and I petting and sending him to kitty heaven with tons of aloha.Sheila DunaganSeattle, WashingtonJanuary 29, 2015
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my condolence, my prayers are with you.dialy garayua - January 31, 2015

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