11/1/2001 - 12/4/2012Almost 11 years ago, my sister-in-law saw a dirty, starving Siberian Husky mixed puppy on the side of Highway 301 between Starke and Jacksonville. He was eating roadkill or garbage. She picked him up brought him to our house. He had one blue eye and one yellow. His stomach was distended from hunger, he was dirty and smelled like garbage. He was nervous. He cowered at every touch, and had obviously been abused. We gave him a bath and the water turned black, and it took three more baths before he smelled reasonable. Over the next few weeks, we gave him couple of square meals a day, a trip to the vet, a warm bed and a roof over his head. We named him Yukon Jack - we called him Jack. He joined our family, which included our first pup Stella. In a month or two, he doubled his weight and his coat got shiny. In a few more months, we added another family member, Maestro - they became fast friends and loved to wrestle. And we became the crazy couple with three dogs. In the years to follow, Jack turned into the most beautiful, sweetest, most loving canine companion in the whole world - he was our love bug. He was everything you could ask for in a dog - loving, loyal, content. He was a happy dog and made our happy house even happier. He made friends everywhere he went. He even spent some time as a hospital therapy dog before we moved from Jacksonville to Tampa. Although he never completely lost his cower, he loved people, and people loved his beauty and his sweet, loving personality. Everyone who met him, loved him. Eventually, we brought two children into our family too. He often slept in their room and tolerated their mischief. All along, we knew we rescued him and gave him a better life and that he was a lucky dog. In the end, he never knew that he gave us a better life and that we were lucky too. He paid us back tenfold. He added a quiet and loving balance to our house that will be missed. Yukon Jack epitomized the term "Man's Best Friend".Colin and Suzanne MaillouxValrico, FloridaDecember 12, 2012
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What a beautiful boy! Our thoughts are with you, what a wonderful life he must have had with you.Dr. Dani McVety - December 14, 2012
Colin and Suzanne, your memorial of Jack is very touching. Jack lived an awesome life with you!Patsy Ciaccio - December 13, 2012
Colin Mailloux - December 13, 2012
Jack was our Grand Dog. We were visiting Jacksonville from NC when Jack was found and so he has a "special" place in our hearts. He was always appreciative of a pat and a scratch behind the ears and giving you back unconditional love. He enriched all our lives by just being Jack. We know you'll be watching over us all.Ray and Janet Mailloux - December 13, 2012
I was Jack's Grampa T. He was a wonderful and loving pet and I will miss him. Suzi and Colin said it all very nicely in describing JackTom Thompson - December 12, 2012
Jack was so handsome - I love his eyes! The 3rd pic is precious! May thoughts of Jack only bring smiles to your faces.Mary Gardner - December 12, 2012
Jackie always put a smile on your face - you just knew he loved you and appreciate all your pets and rubbings. I will miss him very much. All the pets in doggy heaven will now get to know and love him as we did.Pat Thompson - December 12, 2012
Jack never asked for much, but always gave so much. He changed our lives and made us realize what accepting, unconditional love is. We will miss his goodness in this world. Lots of love to you, Jackie. I'll see you soon!Suzanne Mailloux - December 12, 2012
Jack was such a handsome and sweet Dog. Everytime we saw him he made us smile with his sweet, gentle and fun demeanor. He was so lucky to have such an amazing family and I know he is watching over you now and always. We will miss him very much!Claire and Zak Hanano - December 12, 2012

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