3/18/2000 - 12/10/2012Good morning… “Lap of Love” came to our house Monday night 12/10/12 and Abby passed away at 5:15pm. It was so peaceful for my little girl Abigail, but so very hard for my husband and me to say good-bye. Too soon to talk about her without crying, but I love going home and just smelling her favorite spots she loved to lay, which one was on the couch right above my head when I would lay down with her.

This morning I started talking to her before leaving the house just like I always did and told her to have a good day and that I loved her and I would be home soon and be a good girl. I know in my heart she can hear me still. She will be missed so very much…
charlene hickmanjacksonville, FloridaDecember 15, 2012
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Charlene, I am sorry for your loss. Like you - I smelt the places or things my Neo loved... when he was with me, I thought it was like a stinky monkey - but I would give anything to bottle that smell.

My thoughts are with you and your husband.
Dr. Mary
Mary Gardner, DVM - December 15, 2012

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