2/22/2015If great grief equals great love, then you were truly loved beyond all measure, my little Lukie. You and I were inseparable for 13 years. You followed me from room to room all day long - even in the end when standing and walking became difficult for you. I carried you in my arms much of your final days and will carry you in my heart always. You were my little white shadow and the hole you have left in my life is gaping. But I know that with time the pain will lessen and I will be left with the memories of the joy and happiness you brought to my life. And I wouldn't trade that for the world! I will always remember your happy little face and the way your whole body shook as you wagged your tail and threw a party every time I came home. I know you loved me with your whole heart, as I did you. Rest in peace my little man, and know that there was never a dog that was loved more than you. <3Meg DomzalskiArlington Heights, IllinoisFebruary 24, 2015
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Still missing you so much my little boy!
With love from Mommy
Meg Domzalski - August 22, 2015
Miss you Lukie! It's not the same around here without you.Chris Domzalski - February 26, 2015
What a beautiful tribute to your sweet boy and such a darling picture of him! Just how you want to remember him. I was truly honored to get to meet Luke and to be able to help him pass so peacefully with his family by his side. He could not have had a better life than he did with you! I absolutely love what you said about great grief equaling great love - I am thinking about you all at this difficult time.Dr. Christie Comm - February 26, 2015
Meg, Chris, Grace and Ryan....
.so sorry to hear about Luke! Alexa and I will miss him dearly and will think of him often.
I wish we could do something to ease your pain, but words can't do that. He is in a good place now
and will rest comfortably watching over us from Ann'slap.

Dave and Alexa
David Major - February 26, 2015
With love from MommyDomzalski - February 25, 2015
It sounds like Luke was incredibly loved, and what a wonderful picture you paint of him throwing a party every time you came home, with his whole body shaking as he wagged his tail. It is clear that he loved you as much as you loved him. He was lucky to have been a part of your family!
~Dr. Juliana and your friends at Lap of Love
Dr. Juliana Lyles - February 25, 2015

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