4/28/2015Dearest,sweet, Bruno..our boy..our cabin mascot. How we miss you. I hope you know how much you were loved, the 6 years we had you. You went camping, hiking, swimming- brunopatimus style, ate Chiavetta's chicken on our Sunday drives to look for cabins, went coo coo for ice cream, barked when u were left out, sat at our" parties" around the campfire, dunk your nose in your water dish, always looked back to see if everyone was coming, sst on your stoop, always the last one to leave cabin..the list goes on. U were one in a million. I can't believe you're gone. Ur dish,bed,spots where u lay are sadly empty, but your mama & papa's hearts, are full of love and fond memories of u Bruni,Brunibear, Boo, Brunski, Screwy, Brunsco, B, Sarge - never forget us good boy. Magnus looks for u. The cabin we all spent so much time at, is YOURS. Camp Bruno <3 luv u boy RIP. Ur pain is gone. Sadly- Mama, papa and MagnusKristin ChimeraClarence, New YorkApril 30, 2015
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Just me again Boo...the 3 of us miss u so muchMama Chimera - May 2, 2015
Once again, my sympathy for your loss.Steven Schultz - May 1, 2015

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