Dylan mckenzie
7/15/1998 - 1/19/2013Dylan, Daddy and I are missing you so very much, thank you for the 14 years of unconditional love, dedication, protection and laughter that you gave to us. As I told you countless times YOU ARE THE BEST DOG IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD, love you to pieces, forever in my heart....mommyHarriet ParkerValrico, FloridaJanuary 20, 2013
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In memory of Dylan....you are truly missed....I hope you and Roscoe are good friends...
In my heart forever...
Phyllis Lasasso - April 29, 2016
Hey my little Dillie Dog, today has been one of those days where all I do is think of you. I miss you so much and wish you were here with us. We welcomed a new member into the family his name is Bailey and I am sure you have been watching over him and guiding him as he is a good lil pup. Mommy misses you so very much! Please don't stop letting me know you are still with me, as I love and cherish those moments.Harriet Parker - March 17, 2014
Dear Dylan,
Today you will meet Roscoe, please take good care of him. We miss you, and love you.
Phily Lasasso - April 30, 2013
Dylan, not a day goes by that we don't think of you...
God summoned the beast from the field and He said "Behold, man is created in my image. Therefore adore him. You shall protect him in the wilderness, shepherd his flocks, watch over his children, accompany him wherever he may go...even into civilization. You shall be his companion, his ally, his slave."

"To do these things," God said, "I endow you with the instincts uncommon to other beasts: Faithfulness, Devotion and Understanding surpassing those of man himself. Lest it impair your courage, you shall never foresee your death. Lest it impair your loyalty, you shall be blind to the faults of man. Lest it impair your understanding, you are denied the power of words. Speak to your master only with your mind and through your honest eyes."

"Walk by his side; sleep in his doorway; ward off his enemies; carry his burden; share his afflictions; love and comfort him. And in return for this, Man will fulfill your needs and wants... which shall be only food, shelter and affection."
Love you & missing you so very much....
"So be silent and be a friend to man. Guide him through the perils along the way to this land I have promised him. This shall be your destiny and your immortality."

So spoke the Lord. And the dog heard, and was content.
Harriet Parker - February 14, 2013
I miss you dearly Dylan. Working in the yard isn't the same without you. Each day I pray for you to be safe and forever in mommy and daddy hearts. I love you Dylan.Rick Parker - January 29, 2013
What A Beautiful Smile..! There Is Nothing On Earth More Precious, Noble, and Loving Then Our Dogs. Rest In Peace Dylan, And May Your Spirit Return a Million Times...!Gary LaSasso - January 24, 2013
For you my puppyHarriet Parker - January 22, 2013
Dear Dylan,
You were such a beautiful boy, and loved by so many. Whenever I saw you, I always wanted to kiss you, and lay next to you, and hug you. It breaks my heart that you are no longer with us...but I was so happy to spend the final hours of your life with you! You seemed so peaceful that day, and I was so happy to watch you eat a cheeseburger, and other goodies, sniff the air and watch the people go by. My heart aches that I will no longer hug you, but I know it was your time to leave us. You lived a long good life, and I know in spirit you will always be with us. We will miss you my friend...you were truly one of a kind. I will light this candle to pray for your family and friends to get through these tough times, and honor your memory. Love you Dillie....
Phily Lasasso - January 22, 2013
Love and miss you Dylan!!!Vanessa Branch - January 22, 2013

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