2/21/2006 - 5/30/2015"So much joy"
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We are so grateful for the three years of joy we shared with Zoe, our rescue dog, prior to her diagnosis of an inoperable brain tumor.
A friendly Australian shepard mix, her tailwagging buck-toothed smile charmed other dogs and people on our walks in the neighborhood. Her black and tan markings were distinctive, framing her face in way that she looked like either Zorro, the Phantom of the Opera, a badger or raccoon! With eyebrows expressive enough it looked like makeup, a short tail constantly in motion, and black diamond markings on the side of her face, she needed no introduction, she owned the place.
She was known to belt out a good burp now and then, which sounded like a guy on a Superbowl beer commercial!
That said, she enjoyed sweet potato snacks and scarfed down raw carrots to keep her figure trim.
Zoe loved RV travel, and became fluent in french (can you say biscuit?) as an international traveler when we ventured into Quebec, Canada. Her favorite spot to visit was Maine, where upon arriving at the campground, she would throw herself down on the ground for a good back rub and shake, living life large in the cool breeze and soft, green grass. Early in the evenings when we were watching tv, she'd jump off the couch around 8 pm and trot right into her kennel for a good night's rest. I think she thought it would spare her wrinkles in old age!
Alas, old age was not her fortune, and as she declined we made the call to Lap of Love. Zoe was comfortable on her favorite couch when she passed onto the rainbow bridge, to join our family and other dogs in heaven. I picture her now having a grand time and rolling in the grass somewhere up there, getting hugs and kisses, playfully running across the clouds and sky.
Thank you Zoe for all you gave us.
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Paula and ChuckGainesville, FloridaMay 31, 2015
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My condolences for the loss of Zoe. As an old friend said just last weekend, "we have planted a lot of friends." But life goes on and I am sure you will give your love to a new friend.Ira Katz - June 15, 2015
So sorry for the loss of your furry family member. She is a beautiful girl who was blessed to have Paula as a mom! Thoughts and prayers to Zoe's family.Lynn Pattishall - June 9, 2015
We were so happy for you when Zoe came into your lives. She, too, was a very lucky girl to have spent her final years with the two of you. The three of you made many wonderful memories which can never be taken away!Cindy and Don Cromer - June 7, 2015
My heart goes out to both of you, this is such a hard thing to go through that when we lost our first dog we waited 13 years before getting another, Lilly who is the fun of my day. So don't wait so long, they are a joy, and saying goodbye is part of the deal. Best said by this author. “We who choose to surround ourselves with lives even more temporary than our own, live within a fragile circle, easily and often breached. Unable to accept its awful gaps, we still would live no other way. We cherish memory as the only certain immortality, never fully understanding the necessary plan,” - Irving Townsend.Eva Del Rio - June 7, 2015
I'm so glad I got to meet Zoe in person, and to share, for a brief moment, the happiness she brought Paula and Chuck.Tori S - June 5, 2015
So sorry for loss of your best friend, Zoe! The sweetest face in the world, always brought a big smile and a heart full of joy to each guest that entered your home! It would be hard to determine who rescued who...you and Chuck are such wonderful parents! I hope you all can adopt another needy dog, they will be so lucky to have you!! Hugs and kisses to you both...Jerome Davis - June 5, 2015
She was an RV Trooper!Bill and Val Ford - June 4, 2015
Zoe was a great baby, she was a sweet girl, She always was perfect girl when she came by his bath and haircut.
We will miss you...
I am so sorry for your loss, Nature Pet Day Spa
Wendy Higuchi - June 4, 2015
Chuck & Paula we were sorry to hear of Zoe's passing. Even though we did not meet her we know she brought you and Chuck so much love and joy. You are in our thoughts and prayers.Alane Corrado - June 3, 2015
Zoe was a great little friendly and sweet dog and will be greatly missed in our neighborhood. We are sending all our love to Paula and Chuck in this difficult time.Dottie D - June 3, 2015
We were really looking forward to having Zoe here in July. RIP Zoe.Jim Creaven - June 3, 2015
To my dear furry footed cousin, from your dog friend Annie. you will be much missed on walks. Bark Bark always!Annie Dreyer - June 2, 2015
What a truly wonderful soul in a wee furry body, Zoe you are sadly missed.Jane Houston - June 2, 2015
We remember when Zoe came in to visit us. She brought smiles to our faces, and we will miss her visits! She was a loving dog, and we were lucky to have met her. Our sincerest condolences, from the staff at Shores Animal HospitalReceptionists at Shores Animal Hospital - June 2, 2015
Sorry you lost your beautiful sweet Zoe.Glad she had your love.Sally Otero - June 2, 2015
If any one deserved a sweet dog, it was Paula who had lost a previous dog. When Zoe was with the original owner, I would sometimes go with Bonnie when she was dog sitting, and play with Zoe.
She had a lot of heart and love, and thank Goodness she ended up with Bonnie, who found the great home with Paula and Chuck. When I lost my Taio, I was asking about Zoe, but by then she was finding a forever home with Paula. I was disappointed at first until I heard Zoe was going to the loving home of Paula, who had gone a long time since her last dog. There are a lot of our dogs playing with each other now in over the Rainbow Bridge.
Doug Close - June 2, 2015
Shortly after I met Bonnie, she introduced me to the world of fostering and rescue. Zoe was the first I met. We met at the park with Zoe's first fur-Mom, she had t give her up. I remember Zoe playing and she warmed up to me. Whenever I went To Bonnie's home Zoe would always greet me and she was such a sweet girl.......Paula, You took her in and the best love and care for her was given, this was obvious.........I am so sorry for your loss, my heart aches for You and Chuck.......Zoe will always be in our hearts.......Joseph Slowikowski - June 2, 2015
With sincere condolences from the entire staff at UF. I am so glad Zoe was able to be comfortable on the couch at home as you said good bye.Christine Senneca - June 2, 2015
Janet Morjoseph - June 1, 2015
Zoe was such a sweet girl, wish she didn't have to leave so soon. Will miss her but will always remember her with affection.Diana Creaven - June 1, 2015
Zoe was a dear foster. I took her into my heart and home when her former owner became too ill to keep her. Joe and I loved her. She was a joy to foster. I was prepared to keep her as a furever foster, but Paula and her husband fell in love with her charming soul. I pray her walk over the Rainbow Bridge was a smooth and peaceful one.Bonnie Kisko - June 1, 2015
My memories of Zoe all seem to involve her sweet face during football games. It's funny but I don't ever remember her resting ever; she seems to always be in motion.

She was a very lucky dog to have found you!
Chris Coates - June 1, 2015
What beautiful pictures! You sure squeezed a lot of living into those 3 years with that adorable girl.Jen Bansel - June 1, 2015

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