6/5/1996 - 6/21/2015Our beloved dog "Peedie" went to heaven on 6/1/2015 at 5:21PM. She was almost 19 years old and just ran out of steam. She was truly what I would consider the perfect pup and very much adored by our family. I would like to thank my Mom "Ricki" for taking such good care of her. Peedie loved to go walking, swimming, fetching the ball and she loved to ride in the truck. I would consider "Peedie" the most intelligent dog we have ever had. She required no leash - ever. She would always stay right by your side; and she did till the very last day of her life. RIP Peedie Perdue (We love you).Chris PerdueAugusta, GeorgiaJune 2, 2015
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Rickie, all of us who care so much for you share in the hurting heart you and Chris have. Only those of us who have loved our little pets so very
much can know how you feel. Such a loss--but what a wonderful home and "Mama" she had. Love to you both.
Polly Schutte - June 8, 2015
I am so, so sorry to hear this Chris and Ricki. Such a sweet girl....I will miss her occasional ramblings in the 'hood.Barbara Rose - June 4, 2015
I am so sorry Chris. I know you and Ricki will miss Peedie. It's so hard to lose these precious, beloved creatures who share their lives with us. Thank you for letting me know.Mary Pettit - June 4, 2015
Peedie was as much a blessing to you as you were to her. She was a beautiful gift who graced your lives for almost 19 years--amazing! Your precious memories and treasured photos will keep her alive in your hearts forever...hugs to all...Dr. SundaySunday Cozzi - June 3, 2015
Oh, our hearts are broken for you all! We have all been through this with a beloved pet, and it is so difficult to bear. You have to know that they no longer suffer or have any pain, and that we will see them again in Heaven. They can now romp through the grass and fetch a ball without a care in the world! They are healthy and vibrant. Of course, we will always miss them. They were, in fact, a huge part of our lives. There will always be an emptiness without them because we loved every day we spent with them. Take comfort in the fact that our dogs were treated with love, dignity, and respect--they truly lived a wonderful life! I know that Peedie is in Heaven, walking alongside John, her beloved master. She is gone, but will always live on in our hearts.Lynn & Mel Parrish - June 3, 2015
I am so sorry and know exactly how you feel. I guess the pain is the price of all the love we gave and received. Peedie couldn't have had a better life.....stacey fortson - June 2, 2015
Peedie, was a big part of my life too and I will surely miss her terribly. I remember when Christopher brought her home to you, Ricki and how you and John fell in love with her. She was a lucky girl to have such a devoted family. And she blessed you all with much love and loyalty. She was a very special pup and I am sure she is back to running full speed in dog heaven. RIP Peedie.Sharon webb - June 2, 2015

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