11/7/1997 - 1/22/2013In loving memory of our Beloved Ringo.

He was a born fetcher. He lived to catch the frisbee or fetch
a ball any ball. It could be a tennis ball, a golf ball, for
that matter anything round. But he always found the one you
threw. The reason I say that is because our yard was full of
balls that he had stashed, just in case you couldn't find one
to throw.

We loved him with all our hearts. But there was a special
bond between him and our son Greg. They were buddies. Greg
was here the week Ringo went on his journey over the rainbow
bridge. In our hearts, we believe that Ringo waited to say
goodbye to Greg before he took that journey and for that we
are truly thankful. We believe in our hearts that it was divine intervention.

He was laid to rest in the backyard, as were his brothers and sisters before him.
He was the last of the generation. He was swaddled in a Buffalo Bills and Buffalo Sabres
tee shirt and wearing a South Carolina Gamecocks bandanna collar.

Ringo, our lives were better for having had you in them. Thank
you for letting us be your family for 15 years. You will live
in our hearts and souls forever.

Have fun with Smudgie, Bear, Sabre, and Pearl. They've been
waiting for you!

Run like the wind our beloved Ringo, run like the wind!

Love you fovever,
Mom, Dad, and Greg
Sue HecktColumbia, South CarolinaJanuary 25, 2013
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Ringo sounds like such a special boy, and that was so sweet that he waited for his beloved Greg, so he could say goodbye. Such gorgeous pictures of him as well.Dr. Juliana Lyles - January 28, 2013
Ringo, it's obvious that you brought so much joy and love to your family. It was a privilege to meet you, sweet boy!Sunday Cozzi - January 27, 2013

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