8/24/2000 - 1/29/2013In loving memory of Dakota...you're on your way to Rainbow Bridge, and, while we know it's a wonderful place, it doesn't make losing you any easier. We love you and will miss you forever...Mom, Daddy, Bucksnort, Skinnytail and FluffbuttDon & Fran IsenhourOrange Park, FloridaJanuary 30, 2013
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Fran and Don, hope you are doing well... We're sorry that you've lost Dakota and your cat Fluffbutt. And you mentioned Bandit...Bandit was a great little dog. Pets really make our lives full, and their passing is as sad as that of any family member. We hope you are dong well. We miss you. Beth and MikeBeth Malenkos - April 10, 2016
To our sweet Dakota...this candle is for your sister, FluffButt, who left us in April, shortly after Daddy left to go work in Virginia (the last week of April, 2014) She was quite ill for a bit and one night, just went to sleep and did not wake up. Be on the lookout for her and help her to not be afraid. Let her know that we miss her terribly and have planted a beautiful lily on her grave, which is right next to yours, just outside of daddy's window. She was a beautiful kitty cat and will always have a very special place in our hearts, right next to you! Bucksnort and Skinny Tail and me and daddy send all of our love to you both. Take care of your sister til we meet again! Also, please say hello to tiny little Bandit...he's been there since 2000, waiting to greet all of us!Fran & Don Isenhour - June 18, 2014
It's been over 1 year since you left us, Dakota...yet, still, we miss you so much. Daddy has your picture on his wall and we planted pansies on your memorial marker. Bucksnort misses you something fierce and I am crying as I write this (Daddy will cry when I show this to him...). We hope you are having a wonderful time at the Rainbow Bridge...we'll see you there! Love Ya...Miss ya...Wish ya were here!
Mom, Daddy, Bucksnort, Fluff Butt and Skinny Tail
Don and Fran Isenhour - March 5, 2014
May this candle light your way to Rainbow Bridge...we'll see you there!Don and Fran Isenhour - January 30, 2013
I know you guys must miss him so much!!Tiffany Mosley - January 30, 2013

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