4/9/2004 - 7/10/2015Six was more than just the "man" of our family. He was the sweetest, most loving pet you could ever ask for. He sensed when someone did not feel well in the house and he was right there to let you know he was there. He would softly approach you and put his little wet nose on your leg to let you know he wanted your attention about something. Even when his heart became broken, this "little man's" appetite was always GOOD. He enjoyed eating and loved his cooked vegetables. Six considered fresh garden cooked green beans a TREAT. Even though fresh vegetables have always been a part of his and this brothers diet. Six's life pretty much consisted of playing with his frisbee, ball and he loved to chase his "donut shaped ring" through the yard or the house. His brother Buckeye has taken the donut and the red shaped ring and has put both of those specific toys behind the couch where Buckeye likes to go and hide for solice.

Six may appear to be a BIG BOY in the picture, but he only weighed 35 lbs max ever. Six just like his brothers, truly are a part of our family. As having no human children, these "boys" are our "fur babies". We celebrated birthdays by cooking STEAK and CAKE for them. The cupcakes had candles, lit and we sang to them just like we celebrate human birthdays. They even did their howling barks on New Year's Eve celebrations when we break out the tamborine, horns, pot/pans or any other noise making thing. Six enjoyed even the Christmas Tree and all the ornaments & gifts were fully inspected and had his wet nose approval sealed on it. Six knew which gifts were his and his brothers.

Six is LOVED without LIMITS and the EMPTINESS in our HOME without his presence is so HUGE. Yet in our hearts the LOVE and LOYALTY this boy has given us all is beyond what words could ever express.
Wheeling, IllinoisJuly 15, 2015
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Valerie and Lorie, thank you so much for sharing Six's story and all of these beautiful pictures! He could not have been a more darling, sweet boy, and I am so glad I got to meet him. He has absolutely touched my heart, as I know he touched so many others - I will never forget him! Sending you both lots of love!Christie Comm - July 24, 2015
You are sooooo missed little man! Your sweet presence what a treasure, beyond measure. ♡:Lorie: of the Cole family - July 17, 2015
What a sweet and handsome boy. I know he will be so very missed. My thoughts are with your family during this time <3Nikki Lap of Love - July 16, 2015

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