11/11/2001 - 7/13/2015I sent my husband to get cat food for our cat Mr. Meow and my husband comes back with another cat. Tyson was kicked out of 4 homes before he met us. He was a 3 year old black cat who loved to box standing on his hind legs and terrorize my other cat. It took awhile to get used to him because of his anxiety. I did everything to try to understand him and knew he was like this because of the way people had treated him and told him that I would never kick him out and he was going to trust us one day allow the love to come in. We had him for 11 years and he had become the most loving, sweet, crazy, funny cat you can imagine. He would wait for my husband everyday after work so he could hang with him. In the morning when I woke up, I would always find him tucked in my arms. He was a beautiful, shiny, small, muscular gorgeous cat whose life got cut down by cancer. He fought, true to his name Tyson, a big fight and beat the odds the Vet gave him. He told me he would be gone in 3/5 months. He lasted 8 months. He lost the use of his back legs on Saturday and just before he died, he got up and walked. Thank you Dr. Cindi for the kind way he transitioned to the Rainbow Bridge and thank for your kind words, and understanding. You made this a lot easier than I would ever have imagined. Rest in Peace Tyson, till we meet again, mommy, daddy and Josh <3 <3 <3Heidi LadowitzCollegeville, PennsylvaniaJuly 17, 2015
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Tyson was an amazing guy- so sweet and friendly, yet so strong and stoic. It may have taken a few years for their paths to cross, but he finally did meet the family he was always meant to be with.Cindi Worrall - July 17, 2015

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