Casey Roth
10/10/2002 - 7/12/2015RIP
Casey Petunia Doodlebugs Roth
Lorna RothAiken, South CarolinaJuly 18, 2015
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I love you Doodlebugs!!! Forever in my heartLorna Roth - July 28, 2015
Miss Casey was a precious soul--I love this photo of her! She was a gift from God who brought you so much joy for many years. With courage, faith and love, you set her free and sent her back from whence she came. Now, she wanders freely to roam the beauty of the hereafter. She'll show you all the best places when it's your turn to arrive, many years from now. I pray that your lovely memories will bring you comfort in the coming days and weeks...

Dr. Sunday
Sunday Cozzi - July 23, 2015
"What we once enjoyed we can never lose. All that we love deeply becomes a part of us". Casey Petunia Doodlebugs we were made better by your presence in our lives. You will always be part of me.Mike Roth - July 19, 2015

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