9/1/1998 - 6/23/2015JADE’S ACCOLADE

Today I walk the path unable to run.
But, in this state I am able to
Memorize and rehearse this poem.
The runners, walkers and bikers
All greet me with a good morning,
But the only truth today Is that I am in mourning.

24 hours ago you were lying there,
I was kissing your face,
I felt your breath upon my lips,
I was loving you Jadie, like I always did.

An ordinary day for us? No. It was very different.
For in that tender moment what surfaced upon my lips,
Was 17 years of the purest love there is.
And in those beautiful kisses, Jade,
That were placed upon your fur,
YOU will find the love of..
Kate TaylorWake Forest, North CarolinaJuly 19, 2015
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What a beautiful poem! Your love for Jade is never ending and she found a wonderful home- right where she was meant to be.Jane Ebbighausen - August 5, 2015
You look just like my precious boy Spike. And your mom loved you as much as I loved my boy.
I didn't think he had a look alike in this world, but I just saw your picture and now know that he did. You went to heaven only a few days before he did, so I trust that God will bring you together. Rest in peace dear angel and give a gentle nudge to my Spike man. You will recognize him because you will think you are looking in a mirror when you see him.
carolyn russo-cozad - July 24, 2015

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